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I've scanned through many of these posts and I see some awesome ideas. You are getting wonderful feedback from the gaming community. It is true that the path of this game should have a significant difference from the other major water-based games out there. For now, maybe the focus should be beefing up the established options and adding one or two new ones that move towards endgame possibilities.

For example:

Upgrading what we have

- Fishing doesn't always yield a catch, multiple types of fish, maybe poisonous options?

- Incentive to go into the water and brave the shark (durability on the hook?)

- Multiple enemies, oceanic life or otherwise.

- The ability to move items after placing

- Crops grow super easy right now. Don't they need water too? Additional types of crop?

Moving toward endgame

- Weather (some resulting in raft destruction) and day/night cycle. [rain for crops/fresh water without boiling]

- Barrels/Crates yield items to build a radio or transmitter

- Decide whether we rescue ourselves (steering the raft to a goal. Would also result in being able to steer towards desired flotsam) or if rescue comes to us (constructing radio contact with passing ships/aircraft)

I apologize if I duplicated previous suggestions. I like what you are doing and you've attracted a lot of attention. Keep it up!

(you guys posted things while I typed this out, so there are duplications. Sorry!)


Great ideas Jorylanna!

Thank you. I hope it helps steer you towards a successful game.

you should add an island, more food, more oceanic life, more crafting, day and night, you should make it so you don't lose water, and dont go hungry so quick, add multiplayer plz, love your game