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Thank you. I hope it helps steer you towards a successful game.

I dunno about the anvil - might sink the raft :D

Good ideas!

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I've scanned through many of these posts and I see some awesome ideas. You are getting wonderful feedback from the gaming community. It is true that the path of this game should have a significant difference from the other major water-based games out there. For now, maybe the focus should be beefing up the established options and adding one or two new ones that move towards endgame possibilities.

For example:

Upgrading what we have

- Fishing doesn't always yield a catch, multiple types of fish, maybe poisonous options?

- Incentive to go into the water and brave the shark (durability on the hook?)

- Multiple enemies, oceanic life or otherwise.

- The ability to move items after placing

- Crops grow super easy right now. Don't they need water too? Additional types of crop?

Moving toward endgame

- Weather (some resulting in raft destruction) and day/night cycle. [rain for crops/fresh water without boiling]

- Barrels/Crates yield items to build a radio or transmitter

- Decide whether we rescue ourselves (steering the raft to a goal. Would also result in being able to steer towards desired flotsam) or if rescue comes to us (constructing radio contact with passing ships/aircraft)

I apologize if I duplicated previous suggestions. I like what you are doing and you've attracted a lot of attention. Keep it up!

(you guys posted things while I typed this out, so there are duplications. Sorry!)