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New Materials & New features for the game

Day/Night cycle could be great

temperature and weather to make the game more difficult and in this case make cloths like jacket pants shirt shoes hat

fish net


plastic bottles

furnace to smelt the scrap and make iron bars

anvil to craft weapons

workbech to craft more items


sink boats on the map

character personalization

and a story


I dunno about the anvil - might sink the raft :D

Good ideas!

you can build a 2x2 tower and it wouldnt sink

yea thats cas you can jump off the edge and stand up nearly (try let a coconut fall off and watch it) theirs nothing to sink in its sooo shallow that the shark has to have its fin above water. its a miner problem but explains a lot (no sinking, the sharks fin is always out of the water, theirs no (big) waves and most of all theirs no chance of a boat going passed Xb) seee it was 100% meant to be that shallow and daaa you cant sink still havent worked out the not spinning or moving though 0-o , not tipping , no rain also night time? i mean let a guy sleep

it was shallow it would fall

yes but you could just have it with logs holding it up? have you ever seen under the raft?

i like the story

1- Every item placed in the boxes is covered by space. 2-Game seagull should be added. Mayrards maybe play food. :) 3- The scrap should only swim in the barrels, except for the more scrap, you have to net under the sea and collect the scrap. Of course it is difficult to make scrap from the bottom of the sea. I need some time for this. 4- We need to give the game a purpose. Like living and building a civilization 5- How the soil holds water and is not affected by sea salt. We are curious about her.