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Only a few days till your deadline GOODLUCK.

I liked it, it was a neat idea.  I hope the full game explores it more. I liked the fact a small handful of people had trans thoughts but most where caught up in their own mind.

While I am not trans, I have dealt with social anixy so thinking that people are judging you is something I can understand too. 

A good visual novel can still have player choice, so having that will make this more of a game. You have a good base idea for it, being able to mind read, Im not sure what choices you can give, but it will make the game more enjoyable.

I didn't get any sound to play during the game, but there where some crackles as I was typing this so maybe there is meant to be sound? 

Most of the artwork is nice, though I think the "you pass, dont Pass" website should be redone.

I did also notice you where a ghost before you got on the bus. 

Thank you for writing a long comment. I am currently rushing to finish the game so please understand if mine is a little short.

There will be increased player agency in the full version through a secret mission. Randomly an actual ghost might appear on the bus, talk to them to access it. I wanted to put in a secret like that.

Unfortunately I am a solo dev so I didn't do any sound. Sometimes there is crackling it is an unintended side effect, the game is actually a gameboy game in an emulator. Being a ghost at the start is an error that will hopefully be fixed in the full version, if it isn't please let me know.

For now rather than redoing art my goal is to just finish everything but I appreciate the feedback.

I struggle with social anxiety and being trans while not passing compounds it. I wanted to write a story that comforted people like me. I hope that it can achieve that goal. 

I would suggest putting sound on your list, reach out to other game boy developers on how to implement it. Just a single beep noise when closing text boxes or text scrolling bleeps will be enough rather then a background song.  

I think you make a point. After I finish the planned content I'll see what I can do about going back and adding that. 

Yeah sorry, I missed writing the line "After the jam is over I would suggest..." my bad. 

No problem, I will try to do what I can without going too far outside the scope of my abilities.