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This was wonderful and one of your best works yet.

It reminds me a lot of a book I read a long time when I was younger.

In it they stated that death was like a letter missing from a sentence. The sentence keeps going and the book is almost completely unchanged.

Nobody might ever notice the book if different but something is still missing.

If enough of them vanish at once the book becomes unreadable.

The part where HyperText wrote about being afraid to delete the text brought back that memory really strongly.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for your kind words and for playing my game.

Social anxiety + gender are really rough so I wanted to make a game about it that was less upsetting.

I’m sorry about the delay in replying. I’ve been taking a hiatus from social media for a bit.

How society forces gendered expectations is a kinda awkward, sometimes painful, absurd thing and I wanted to make a game about that interaction between the internal and external worlds.

I think it would’ve been wonderful to add sounds but it used a very early beta of GB studio that didn’t really have easily accessible sound functions… Plus I feel terrible for saying this but I’m a mostly solo dev so I haven’t really gotten sound down yet.

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There are tree endings, here is how to get them:

* Talk to someone who misgenders you.

* Only talk to people who gender you correctly. 

* Do not talk to anyone who genders you at all. 

Tip for the “no gender” ending, the people who gender you tend to be the people closer to you. The exception to this is the person who is your crush. The passengers on the bus aren’t randomized to if you learn what they think on a playthrough you can avoid being gendered next time.

Safari unfortunately doesn’t do a lot of web based things in the standard way so support is broken in it.

Firefox or chrome should work fine if you have access to them.

You can also download the .gb file and run it in a gameboy emulator to play the game.

I’m sorry that I can’t be more helpful.

What platform or web browser are you trying to play on?

There are multiple formats the game works in so I need to know where you’re encountering the error to help you.

This was good.

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Thank you, I tried to make a game the game cute because otherwise it would be too depressing.

I’m glad you had fun with it.

Thank you so much for your kind words and playing my game.

There is actually a hidden third ending but it’s a lot of work to find so I wouldn’t worry about finding it unless you are super curious.

Thank you so much for your kind words.

I really appreciate you playing my game.

This game is about as cute and fun as possible given the topic.

My games lean depressing. x_x

That being said I did try as hard as possible to not make it too depressing given that the topic was passing which is a super vulnerable thing for a lot of people.

I don’t know how you managed to do that. o_o

It was 100% meant to be an ultra secret that no one knew about except through rumors.

There was meant to be another set of endings relating to the ghost who would only appear via RNG and still be pretty rare. The goal of this was to create a sort of cursed gameboy cartridge thing where there was a whole secondary scenario that most players would never be aware of.

Sort of like an urban legend? Unfortunately it would’ve scoped everything up significantly so I attempted to cut it.

As I stated before it was tied to the code too much to be removed fully so in a way it did become an urban legend alongside the hidden fairy in the game.

Thank you so much for your kind words. :)

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That ghost is a leftover from a early alpha that I tried to remove unsuccessfully. 

Completely removing broke the game or something. It's been a long time so I don't remember.

My solution to the problem was to make it so rare to appear that the odds are about one in ten thousand players will ever see it.

Somehow every year someone manages to locate the ghost and it always amazes me.

The plot to the sequel has changed a lot since then but you'll eventually be able to meet other trans magic users and ghosts.

The primary reason that the hidden ghost was cut was that encountering her dramatically changed the emotional tone of the game.

The prototype which changed a lot was that detaching too much from your body could make you literally just lose your body.

You would help another trans magical girl who lost her body.

Thank you, I struggle with compliments and do not find myself likable but I appreciate your kind words a lot. 

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Medical gatekeeping is really horrible, especially when your poor. 
Every single appointment is just a brutal drain on your resources and ability to survive.

I am glad I could convey that even if it's horrible.

Does anyone have advice on how to get rid of the zombies once they start using the root user?

I regret that I don't have anything really clever to say in response to this but you made me laugh really hard.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for playing this to the end and then viewing the epilogue. 

Not many people have done that because it's an obscure game that upsets more to play and forces the player to do upsetting things. 

It's not my best work but I'm glad you experienced it.

I hope that you find a pathway to making a good future and it makes me glad to know you'll be trying. 

The future is scary and we have the power to change some things and make them better.

The leg scene really got to me. o_o

I'm glad to see development is going well. :)

Also hi!

Thank you so much for playing it. I'm glad that you enjoyed it. 

That makes me super happy.

No problem, Caroline and Cade helped behind the scenes to poke the right people so it was a group effort. As bundle organizers we try to take care of people. 

Anyways thank you for letting me know everything is okay. It's a huge relief, I was pretty worried.

Hi Bokedaidu, this is Taylor from the queer games bundle. 
I'm just checking in to see if things have been fixed yet?

Thank you so much for stopping by to say this. This is probably my most underplayed game relative to effort so I'm just really glad you watched it.

This animation really crashed and bombed and has barely been seen by anyone. 

It was an epilogue to an extremely unpopular game released months later and despite taking a ton of work has been barely seen.

Comments like yours mean a lot to me. Thank you so much.

It's okay, this is a game where you are given the option to do something extremely cruel. 
Choosing to not do that thing is 100% a reasonable option.

Omg, thank you for saying this. Just as a warning since you're diving really deep into my early games but the older you go the lower quality they get so please be careful. I'm still growing as a gamedev but I was extremely rough at making stuff back then.

Thank you for commenting!

This ghost shows up briefly as a cameo in HFTGOOM during a certain part for one second.

I just really like ghosts.

I'm very tired and a mess lately but I wanted to say it's fine that you used me as a reference. I went ahead and vouched for you to the organizer.

I can't promise you will get in as I am not running the bundle. All I can say is that I hope you get in, good luck.

Thank you for your kind words.

I would like to clarify that this year due to mental health issues I stepped down from being the primary organizer of the queer games bundle and took a reduced role.

This year the primary organizer was Caroline Delbert and I continued to be a co-organizer with her on a smaller scale from previous years.

You can view the credits for the bundle in the description here:

Many people worked on the Queer Games Bundle this year and it is important to recognize their work.

This year's team included: Caroline Delbert, Taylor McCue, Toni Catino, Nathalie, Cade "CadeRageous" Peterson, Project Ensō, Rose, and Tangled.

Additional help was provided by Len Predko and Hyacinth Nil. The bundle's trailer was produced by Xiri.

Oh, whoa... You did a really deep dive on my games and played the obscure stuff. 

I'm kinda shocked anyone would go so deep into my games. I'm glad you saw it since it's only been seen by like less than 50 people.

Thank you so much for watching the ultra rare epilogue of this game.

I'm always amazed to see someone watching this. Thank you!

It was a very early game for me written when I was super early in starting out. I don't really think I was prepared for steam player's reactions at all.

Everyone has to start somewhere but when you're used to pro devs then it's easy to get angry at someone starting out. I am glad that I continued to try to make games.

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