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Sorry, i feel slightly confused... I three times views it, even make screenshot, and  anyway miss it. )=

About reload: when i first time play game, everything is ok, but yesterday, all two times when i start, it just show me black screen w/o errors and cpu profile like (100% core while 1+sec, and no more activities after).

I reload page three times before can play.

And sorry for my English.

What browser are you using? I know the game has major issues outside of Chrome

As i said under screenshot "Win 7 x64, gaming PC, chrome 76."

And latest beta  under ubuntu.

But today 2/2 launches ok. Under linux no one noticed hangs.

I'm afraid for now I just don't know enough about Godot or HTML5 to get it to always run. I can't even show the game to my friends on iPhone who are too lazy to get Chrome because I can't fix the issue where it doesn't run ever


Anyway game is fun and Oil LORED my favorite (=

That's the one I put the least amount of work into but ended up being the funniest