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Unexpected addictive, 10 hell squirrels of 10!

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Hmm nice, at first walkthrough i think it's just a bait, and jump-grab crates to achieve portal...

You game remembered early WorldOfWarcraft to me. Just jump and walk along rocks and you king of hill. Why gather keys or run from bugs like regular mortals, when i can just sit on the peak and shoot everyone with first weapon... (=

It's can be done with downloadable games to share viruses. I saw some cases when original dev's need defending self again enraged players who blame him for blocked PC...

I think it's too more worse case than just a piracy/steal-copyright. But some times devs can do strange things with game hosting, and i prefer to inform well-known dev and confirm incident before warn moderators. (For last two-months i saw three similar episodes with books and 1/3 has been a just another author account on fan-fiction site)

Hi, it's not a bug, but i accidentally found this today...

View like someone steal your game.

Web version of game hangs while loading with latest chrome.

`Boss_Rush_Jam_v1.1.js:9 Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: SharedArrayBuffer is not defined`

As i know latest chrome use additional restriction to shared arrays with cross-origin headers.

Cool, but at level ~5 game just hangs on loading screen with keys info.

I don't know it's error going before or cause hangs:

c3runtime.js:3906 [Construct 3] Failed to parse JSON:  SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

    at ArrayInstance.JSONLoad (c3runtime.js:3906)

    at Action._RunObject_ParamsDontVary (c3runtime.js:2263)

    at EventBlock._RunActions_Fast (c3runtime.js:2104)

    at EventBlock._RunAndBlock (c3runtime.js:2102)

    at EventBlock.Run (c3runtime.js:2099)

    at EventSheet._ExecuteTrigger (c3runtime.js:2069)

    at EventSheet._TriggerForClass (c3runtime.js:2063)

    at EventSheet._Trigger (c3runtime.js:2062)

    at EventSheetManager._Trigger (c3runtime.js:2030)

I watched for your project about a year, and be happy when noticed you return back to it at twitter some days ago.

And even happier when saw published game!

I have lack of time to play at last days, and even not finished first version. But already want more!

Also too long by vertical if screen partially occupied by long start-menu or browser panels. And i see no fullscreen button.

Cool, slightly madskillz, but addictive. Awaiting updates to kill more cute creatures...

Bug report: At certain moment when i buy one more adventure corner, i got total -1 free space and ~same time i can buy exp upgrades w/o exp wasting. Exp count check, but no decreasing.

PS: Save system worst part of game.

Cool, but i have no idea about crane and how to capture mountain or tubes (i connect it with corridor)

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After playing environment station alpha it just an easy walk...

But game simple and cool...

Cool! How soon demo be available?

Some times game generates deadlocks...

Cool sound and door fix, but now game unfinishable.

At docking bay door to central (green powered) stuck after change location and return back.

Switch power off/on again give no effect.

Cool, i pinned your "test" on watch list. Hope you make space-rpg-sim from it (=

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Just jump onto stem, and lay for eternity (190s checked) (=

First infinity survival game added into "completed" library...

About gold cylinders: may be reed? I can't remember anything other with tip like that...

Thanks you!

Cool game! After i found how to make cauldron, i straight forward last of game.

It's little smaller than i wants and thought after mid-game, but far greater than i expected when click to preview!

And yes, i'm 28th your follower...

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Please give me some tips about cauldron. I spent last two hours w/o any progression. And now i have absolutely no thoughts how to do it )=

==== spoiler image ====







Вообще забавно как много на самом деле на джемах и всяких проигровых площадках СНГшников если копнуть. Так-то больше на англ общение, но если загуглить часто выясняется что СНГ или переехавший.

(= yes, it's not my projects. I have no public projects on

I'm not finish any real projects other than tetris, e.t.c.

Most of my projects start build like web-multiplayer, and testing with my wife and friends.

I write server-code with some thoughts about security, but don't want slow down development, and drop it before clean or create single-player version.

Anyway if i do something real playable i post link to you. And на всякий случай, я тоже русскоговорящий (=

I making game for myself and my wife as first goal. And old-graphics and ugly sound not a problem... (As levels I use prefabed ship generation)

Without high graphics raw shooters really not too difficult, but give me no interest as author. (i know levels and level-gen algorithms and have no interest other than PvP)

I have most troubles with cocktails that too complicated to make MVP early, before i lost all motivation and grave project.

My last dropped project, have working portals, multi-metric space (to make non-euclidean levels and instant dock a huge ships) and mmo model multiplayer w/o any real gameplay );

I have not technical, but game-design troubles, because more thinking about shooter part than ship-sim. And fears to make it all too complicated like i do at most of my dusty-dead projects...

At current state i have just docking-teleportation instead of space physics.

Core game-play about FPS with RPG and ship building elements and potentially a-really-large ships at infinity generated anomaly space and sync-state multiplayer. (w/o prediction at current state)

Something like deathless hyperion meets with space engineers standing in infinity sandbox...

Yes! View more logical and realistic for me.

Ehh i need to do this for my own game soon, but with 3d room structure inside. Can't choice good collision model, as game more about pew-pew than physical.

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At low difficulty (intruder or scout), really not a problem. (beam have a lot of restocks, some view like shooting bugs, some like aliens with shields)

Higher difficulties need different approach to manage ammo.

I never been complete bounty hunter because can't choice right balance between ammo and hp.

P.S.: I want melee upgrade!

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About latest update(2021-01-18):

Big angry mobs in restricted area feels slightly freakin blazing fast. (At n-th walkthought they can't wonder, but at first time, it might be very scary)

As total impression, i am very satisfied. And waiting to new updates!

(Now explorer feels like scavenger for me)

What about abominations and station destruction and pirate ship reveal percent? (now 98.11)

IMHO bounty hunter at current state its all about balance between bullets and health. (On scavenger after a lot of walkthroughts i can just pew pew w/o bullet economy just using right bullets)

Not implemented yet, but planned. (Read first comment tree to author posts)

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It's it possible to open secret room at Station storage? (1:39:03)

I just missing or it's still under construction? I found! Cool!

Walkthrough explorer 97% (length 1:43:42)

Aaaaaaaa(running and screaming): doors smashed by rockets not saved through loads as door weak doors smashed by hands...

It's possible to lock self by entering to location w/o keys by smashing doors and found no keys in.

(1 edit)

And one more bug report:

Walls w. bad collision (you can way out to space).

At (blue?)-keycard location in range 1m(on the way) from door connected to crew quarters.

You make it game a lot cooler for me!!! I very love to explode door like in fallout, and almost no games with this feature... I even don't think about this.

Your make me best game present to this new-year holidays!

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While walkthought i was found a lot of locked doors, but relative few keys. (Especially near robot repair shop 8+)

Is it possible to open all door on station? (I already explored only 60% on explorer, long sessions without save slightly difficult...)


* 92%

* all weapons

* trash secrets

* red, green, blue cards

* 7 fuel

* 4 docs

* core

can't found ship self-destruct

0 keys, and 4+ locked doors make me cry.

I missing something or keys least than doors, and some ares just incomplete?

About performance:

Station central give me 31-40fps (other zones can give lower FPS)

geforce 1060: ~12% (i think problem in CPU and large map)

phenom II 1090T 6x 3.4: 1core 100% , 1core 50%

windows 7 x64

CPU,GPU load regardless of fps

core i5-3450 CPU and older GPU tested yesterday give almost same results.

I recommend add frame skip function if you can, to fix variative control timing experience...

Many thanks! Vertical centering caused some vertigo for me.

And small performance report:

In some areas fps fall dramatically (~10-20fps). On PC with geforce 1060 and phenom II 1090T 6x core 3.4 GHz.

But as i saw, only before generator powered on...

Now my character died, but tomorrow i can give more info.

Anyway it's cool! Me any my wife loves old simple graphics, horrors and big space station with variative gameplay. And you can strike it all...

I be waiting for updates!

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It's looks amazing!!!

But be cool have option to disable mouse vertical centering.

And saves planned in near future?

I think drag&drop ghost + bots best way. In my opinion joinable modules more cool when have both walls, to split again.

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I like games like that(generation and sci horror, especially in space)

It's cool, stay silent in the dark and fear about monster coming near, some times feels really creepy...

But taking items and lift(especially in multiplayer) too buggy.

Unobvious door-lock mechanics, my wife can't open door as crew w/o card, but i can do it as alien.

Alien trying to eat you through lift door with tentacles through textures...

IMHO: too large for this state of game. too heavy updates.