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Abnessor aka Findoff

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Cool! Can't wait next update...

Small bug: restock button keep disabled once has been, even after buying storage upgrade. (Can be updated by +- restock count)

I run into this problem with unity games periodically. (At most with simple game, and rare for last half-year)

It's very annoying to pull-out joystick dongle from PC to play another game on, when joystick itself can be even without batteries.

Just win behavior(I saw same with an another models, mostly wireless) + unity have lack of start calibration.

Just can't play because game read my disabled(wireless) joystick as infinity-triggered weapon switch and no way to disable it in-game...

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Really strange, i can't reproduce it now, but first time when i found it, i game-overed 3-4 times. May be it relate.

Also i noticed: first right door don't re-close after restarting. May be hkit/reload caused by incorrect state reset.

Cool, but i found a bug: medkit and reload do opposite actions...

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Fun, but at some moment I lost build ability (last left-click to build just not work, other left-clicks work good)

Cool and even more cool if i could use dash (with KeyE it feel absolutely unusable for me)

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As you already make some organic textures, it's will be good for more tileable organic net-like structures, to make alien sectors etc...

And may be organic corrupted ventilation...

My madskillz about it:

No dialog texts at all... (only my questions) (Web version latest chrome)

Fast-clicking (especially by double click mouse button) buy multiple upgrade levels with negative funds.

I call it hidden bank mechanic... (;

Now FPS spikes come only with new waves, i think it caused by pillar resize animation.

Cool game!

Noticed bugs (chrome 104 windows):

Normal saves just not work.

I can't export save (devtools error access to clipbord with this link)

With latest field upgrade game stuck because storage quota exceeded.

Previously game runs smoothly, but aAfter last update web version give me ~5FPS...

It's playground for well-known math thing

Sadly John Conway dead by covid at 2020.

And what about make level-portals visible? First time played i been very confused about this...

P.S.: Shield-mobs cool!

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It's too hard, i tired, but can't die... 50waves...

Cool, and very addictive!

P.S.: I think weak must work onto vampirism too...

It's bug or just as planned?

spoiler alert









At certain moment i catched in fully closed space, doorway just disappear.

At flooded floor in something like abandoned bathroom with tiled walls.

Make your shield large enough and just forgot about swarms...

Buying radar lvl-2 just kill performance for me, feels like 5-10FPS. Latest chrome + NvidiaGTX1060

Just awesome!

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Feels cool, and far more cool as first jam game.

Cool things: Cyberpunk style, 3D architecture, Unlockables, Bugs.

Not so cool things: I don't understand how to collect money to buy any gun, i'm out of ammo about ~$1100 and shotgun costs $1200 (or unlock shop door for $750, and ... too expensive); Sometimes bugs drop ammo, but incompatible with my gun; Invisible walls really not cool.

Unexpected addictive, 10 hell squirrels of 10!

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Hmm nice, at first walkthrough i think it's just a bait, and jump-grab crates to achieve portal...

You game remembered early WorldOfWarcraft to me. Just jump and walk along rocks and you king of hill. Why gather keys or run from bugs like regular mortals, when i can just sit on the peak and shoot everyone with first weapon... (=

It's can be done with downloadable games to share viruses. I saw some cases when original dev's need defending self again enraged players who blame him for blocked PC...

I think it's too more worse case than just a piracy/steal-copyright. But some times devs can do strange things with game hosting, and i prefer to inform well-known dev and confirm incident before warn moderators. (For last two-months i saw three similar episodes with books and 1/3 has been a just another author account on fan-fiction site)

Hi, it's not a bug, but i accidentally found this today...

View like someone steal your game.

Web version of game hangs while loading with latest chrome.

`Boss_Rush_Jam_v1.1.js:9 Uncaught (in promise) ReferenceError: SharedArrayBuffer is not defined`

As i know latest chrome use additional restriction to shared arrays with cross-origin headers.

Cool, but at level ~5 game just hangs on loading screen with keys info.

I don't know it's error going before or cause hangs:

c3runtime.js:3906 [Construct 3] Failed to parse JSON:  SyntaxError: Unexpected end of JSON input

    at JSON.parse (<anonymous>)

    at ArrayInstance.JSONLoad (c3runtime.js:3906)

    at Action._RunObject_ParamsDontVary (c3runtime.js:2263)

    at EventBlock._RunActions_Fast (c3runtime.js:2104)

    at EventBlock._RunAndBlock (c3runtime.js:2102)

    at EventBlock.Run (c3runtime.js:2099)

    at EventSheet._ExecuteTrigger (c3runtime.js:2069)

    at EventSheet._TriggerForClass (c3runtime.js:2063)

    at EventSheet._Trigger (c3runtime.js:2062)

    at EventSheetManager._Trigger (c3runtime.js:2030)

I watched for your project about a year, and be happy when noticed you return back to it at twitter some days ago.

And even happier when saw published game!

I have lack of time to play at last days, and even not finished first version. But already want more!

Also too long by vertical if screen partially occupied by long start-menu or browser panels. And i see no fullscreen button.

Cool, slightly madskillz, but addictive. Awaiting updates to kill more cute creatures...

Bug report: At certain moment when i buy one more adventure corner, i got total -1 free space and ~same time i can buy exp upgrades w/o exp wasting. Exp count check, but no decreasing.

PS: Save system worst part of game.

Cool, but i have no idea about crane and how to capture mountain or tubes (i connect it with corridor)

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After playing environment station alpha it just an easy walk...

But game simple and cool...

Cool! How soon demo be available?

Some times game generates deadlocks...

Cool sound and door fix, but now game unfinishable.

At docking bay door to central (green powered) stuck after change location and return back.

Switch power off/on again give no effect.

Cool, i pinned your "test" on watch list. Hope you make space-rpg-sim from it (=

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Just jump onto stem, and lay for eternity (190s checked) (=

First infinity survival game added into "completed" library...