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Abnessor aka Findoff

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Yes, i want to see more!

Cool mechanics!

Yea!!! Honk honk!!!

Bug reports:

after pause and back gui don't back... (web version)

short key presses don't shoot gun

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Map with defenders have no robots to run loop. It's bug or i missed something? (Web version)

Cool, but too short )=

P.S.: door collision don't work (tested in windows 7)

+1 to previous post.

Looks cool, but freezes very often. (most cases related to collision)

(win7, latest chrome)

Just hold-down space and win unit be bored.

Hmm yes, it's possible. I have controller. (disabled but detected in system)

Mouse aim don't work in web version. (win 7, latest chrome)

No effect other than visual from pressing space.

Latest chrome, win 7.

Just awesome graphics!

You kidding? 1/69 antiviruses... Just random blob file can get more false positives...

Unfortunately for me, I have troubles with English voice recognize. And watching video with auto generated subtitles, not so fun... )=

Good but need more descriptions...

I have no idea about first unit by icon, and why costs grow but some times not.

Script Welder it's author...

Warning: Adobe Flash

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Remembers Script Welder - don't escape 3.

The "real time strategy" TAG really not for a turn based games...

All ok, i just don't try to kill everyone, but gather crowd and watch how it's walk for me (=

I seriously don't compare your simple game with crimsonland, just remember how i try kite splitting-spiders a lot of times and again...

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I died just because i bored and stop... After games like deadhunt or crimsonland mobs too stupid and crowd control too easy... (=

(can't post screenshot 0_o) 219 time and 172 kills

So funny!

But strange left side immediately stop run, but top, bottom or right side just eternal void with clouds... Or may be i missing secret? (=

Very coo but short...

I want moar!!!

Sorry if my comment sounds too aggressive. My English not so perfect... I don't critique your game, just inform you about that bug possible at some configurations.

It's cool for 11yo... Even based onto unity example. I myself could have done even less even when I was 13yo...

I wrote about keyboard, not joystick, just i think disabled joystick still detects by game as pressed. I think it's unity bug with joystick detection. Now i remember something like that with other game based onto same unity template.

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Cool story. Love old style sci-fi especially first-person... But sadly, can discover it too rare.

My English far from ideal, but i think i found a bug *spoiler alert* how i can use the morph module to try to enter into hole at first cave if i don't grab it from the ship?

From begin and non stop game think i am shooting...

I have joystick installed but disabled, may be it's source of bug.

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Cool! I remember ST recently. I hope you can finish your game and make it polished... (sometimes i think about remake, but i am too lazy and drop it too fast...)

All is fun, but finally i been killed by boss spawn bug and my bad play at first level.

Sorry, my English slightly not ideal (=

1) Just try

2) waste almost all hp

3) beat boss and bunch of levels w/o hits

4) just spawn in boss and die...


(3 edits)

*deleted stupid question about music name, because i mis the "i" button in game*

I stuck at disco level with dancing robots. (Jump down at right side) I see no way to jump-out, no underwater path, and jump at right just dead-end.

It's bug or i missing someting?

Just awesome!

Very cool! Want moar!

But need tuning for rope change mechanics. (it's difficult to jump rope-wall at some situations)

Mouse locking don't work. Win7+latest_chrome, ubuntu+latest_chrome, ubuntu+latest_firefox.

Ehh i get last two items too late... Be cool if you make some post update as in the light keeper! (as i remember, some items added later and i replay two or thee times...)

Cool! I finished "wake" but one item(something like elixir) stay hidden and i have a lot of ancient gears (=

I think may be i missed pirate lair (or is it on image and i missed someting else?) Please give me a hint...

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Lobby work, but Unity crashes when i try to enter any level.

Ubuntu 18.10 => Chrome 84.0.4128.3 (Official Build) dev (64-bit) | Firefox 77.0.1 (64-bit)

Write here, as topic link return 404...

After death and no actions pressed, a level views like restarted, but no characters on screen and i still can explode bombs (=

Sorry if my reports too tiresome...

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I got that error in console when tries to focus. Code minified, but as i can understand that fragment controls game focus...

MEGA_CARNAGE.js?NSNYB=1635025922:formatted:73678 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'length' of undefined
    at _Cz2 (MEGA_CARNAGE.js?NSNYB=1635025922:formatted:73678)
    at HTMLCanvasElement._7A2 (MEGA_CARNAGE.js?NSNYB=1635025922:formatted:73981)


 _Dz2 = _251.parentNode.frames;


if (_zz2(_Fz2, _251))


function _zz2(_Az2, _Bz2) {
...                            _Az2.focus();

It's strange. I can't focus with just click. It's work for me only with click when chrome devtools open.

No joystick or keyboard works... Win7 with latest Chrome.

(1 edit)

Here must be crows...

And i can't play without resize game frame. Fullscreen button and start cropped.