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I tried disable chrome://flags/#enable-windows-gaming-input-data-fetcher with chrome beta, and yes, error gone...

Unfortunately, same error.  (Private mode don't help)Thank You for trying...

Sadly, I can't check it out now because it's more like uninstall driver than unplug already unplugged gamepad.

Looks broken with errors at console.

W10, Chrome.

* lethal_rl-e7097972a91ff0a0.js:1 Uncaught (in promise) Error: Using exceptions for control flow, don't mind me. This isn't actually an error!

* panicked at /Users/rich/.cargo/registry/src/

called `Option::unwrap()` on a `None` value

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It's as the intended... But I also baited at first and go into browser console to read more details...

Sometimes when hide in locker I am stack because E key reads nearest body info instead of exiting locker...

Hmm, now after some resets it's give just a black screen. If press R again it's show map for a bit and black screen again.

I attach error, but not sure it's related because don't repeat by pressing R.

In latest chrome pressing R gives error.

Cool style!

Downloadable version won't run, looks like You forget to upload .pck file... As I know attached files just a godot engine without embedded game data...

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Cool! I'l be following Your progress.

Main concept making my maze looking infinity it's generating as on surface of torus eg wrap left-right/up-down.

I make some research about post generating "worm" from cut-ended tiles, but make no real prototype.

My main idea it's making something like chess - "dark fields" generated as worm-tex-gen v2 with seed by position and "white fields" generated as prolonged ends from seeded fields.

I think it's give cool effect but I steel not implement it.

I call it worm because it's can be run on pre-existing field and flood while map organically. Also I tries to make liven maze, where walls have some stages and can grow naturally reacting to Your invention.

Sorry if my English too hard to understand...

Thank You!

Page background generated with my pen.

In-game textures and levels also whole generated. Most textures just a Red,Green,Blue,invR,invG,invB,Opaque-border-to-show-transparent with or without rects and color marks over it. (couple of FORs iterating over colors and options to fill html5 canvas)

Terrain is a Perlin noise and all other just my own reinvented(But no so different from well known) algorithms...

Yes, now it's working. Cool implementation.

But once I am noticed deadlock by top layer, it's have one top tile and 3 same under. (Sorry I forgot to take screenshot)

Start button fully invisible(cut off) with window sizes. My example fullHD(1920x1080) browser have bookmarks toolbar and tall 3 row taskbar...

May be I too dumb, but I can't sprint to door controlled by green button because first green button controlled door auto-closed after me walked-through... And invisible walls preventing me from hop down...

And a bit of grumbling: Why? Why so many devs so love invisible walls. I can't understand it when I was a child, and can't after countless hours spent to make maps for CS, HL2, and own projects...

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Hmm, it's really so close to 2048... I just want to click random game for 5min, about a hour ago...

You can just press release game many times and win... Button just looks disabled.

My character shoot non-stop from start...

I think it's caused by joystick(disabled now, but installed in system) it's more my personal problem, but I haven't encountered this behavior in other than Your games for 2-3 years. And this cause me to report it to You...

Web(W10-Chrome). But as I can remember I tried to download some Your previous games and get same problem.

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Web version looks broken. At first run I get undefined/undefined bullets, and any reloads give black screen and a lot of console errors... (W10/Chrome)

I missing how to unlock assembler. (Checked any tabs, and unlock everything else)

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  1. tail pew pew

    1. two homing missiles targets same enemy
    2. tutorial on restart

    1. add pause
    2. target diff. enemies or ripple-fire-mode for missiles. 
    3. more localized enemy spawn sources
    4. speed boost ability/food-bonus?

A long time ago I make game like this but with more food variations. It's better exp. if any new objects (especially enemies or hurting) spawns at some dist. from head account move direction.

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All endings done. Turret endding most difficult for me.

No more mouse bugs. Except cranking interruption while I tried it with too keen angle, but I think it's intended behavior.

Really cool game with rare atmosphere.

Upd: I found You already on steam => wishlisted!

Absolutely love aesthetics! But mouse sensitivity setting heavy needed...

Also one time I died just because mouse stack at screen edge and can't fast turn-back to flee. (I got it only once, but without window switching or something like that to cause this with non web game)

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My wife and me played only web-latest chrome version already.

We get two full freezes as I describer above and many just an empty levels in middle of game, and an empty levels don't reveal top layers at all. (May be, break top revealing to next levels, but i am not sure) Me be it's give You some clues...

Cool game! I have same idea some times ago, but too lazy to implement, and be very surprised!

But progression mode some times buggy... After ~4th layer every next levels w/o mines and game freezes with black screen at end.

In easy mode it's almost infinity playable now. I clear screen three+ times before bored and spam.

3ed run, 7067, but at some point ball disappeared, and I see no further progress despite almost doubled score from this moment and missing last bar...

I'm TNT I'm dynamite! TNT and I'll win the fight!

Yes, it's working now, thank You!

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Silently crashes. Win 10. Other Godot games work nominal...

Upd: error log(%APPDATA%\Godot\app_userdata\ColdSpace\logs\godot.log)

Also I personally used to RGB or CMYK order. And with vi-keys RGYB linear layouts it's instantly raise up difficulty to 200%.

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And at Crew tab confirmations flags are inverted.

Web version.

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I am not sure, but it's view like missiles now can't collide any target.

I found it when do prestige today and fitted missile4. (With no core upgrades)

Missiles just fly through target causing no damage (when other weapons just oneshot enemies)

Upd: Now this problem gone... I don't know what changed, but I checked game reloading before, and make no refits/new-prestige.

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Auto-sell very buggy... (Price with different bots raise-up in a strange way, and slots sell not only within active slot, but other bots slots too)

And slot unlocks grow in price when i buy more bots. (May be bug too?)

Now I have 3 upgrades and full square, at second upgrade I have map like this:



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Hmm, I have no success to give advices, and can't make just single game because beat myself by feature creep.


For single player game, it's no too hard to use variable timestamp or as dirty way just use smaller phys-timestamp and accumulation. It's give some notable fps spikes with low fps, but I think satisfy more peoples. (Except with really potato PC)

Price, hmm, as people from country with expensive dollar I can told so $2 or $5 makes almost no difference rather than just a free game :P

By my observation, most peoples just buy or pirate game regardless of $2-$5 price...

And as noticed by some devs on steam, yes cheaper games get more sales, but it's give no more profit without being random viral.

And about level size: I think best option to just do what You like yourself enough happy to continue development without burning. As Your current style really fun and unique enough for me and i hope for many more people with steam release. (it's still 26 review at now, but it's still 100% good! And I can remember a lot of steam release with far worst results even at couple of years from release)

I just hope so a next levels(At next projects) be still relative big.

Personally I like current scale, smaller levels requires seamless connection and/or backtracking to give comparable impression.

Honestly I am a big fan of huge levels with backtracking in metrodvinia style. (Secret-hunting in addition to reactors/card unlocking with big levels give that feel for me in Zortch without really be metrodvinia)