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Can't start.

Just instruction and input field "code".

Congratulation, man! I told this, as 28old man, who fail LDJam because want too many features...

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1. Stand on box

2. grab

3. weeeee

4. even through walls...

And special thanks, for final unlimited goo sandbox (=


Sorry for my English.

I try to say about difficult writing with custom text editor.

It's hard to write, if you used to home/end keys with window environment, and it did't just not working, but scroll page down. (Keys like home/end, don't prevented from standard browser actions).

P.S: Thanks! My problem not technical, i know too lot, but can't restrict my self, and bury under features. It's wonderful, how many peoples can make easy games, and stop. But i want second Factorio in compo... (:

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I can't stop use [ctrl] home/end keys (professionally using IDE on work, or VIM with remote servers), and every time when i press end, page scroll down... Can't continue, it's too hard, with my reflexes.

P.S.: Hello from LD (findoff), but i self, 4th time failed )=

Really cool! Congrats! Love mechanics like that.

It's really funny when you play it, while your heart really slightly paining. But answer "yes" or "may be" missing at first. XD

Dead can mine... Sound like unrated horror, but it's horrible reality...

Simple but cool.

I like this style. Space, wired graphics and easy to run, without unity loading (=

Very pleased addictive...

IMHO (business requirements...)
1) Need someone like a bouncer(hire'able) to make elite brothel without indie devs... (=
2) Bouncer to auto filter cyborgs and mutans with low prestige.
3) Need way to pay for cure whores for faster restoration. (With only one elite whore, sickness very painful for reputation at beginning rep3star < 40)

Cool, but like original, can generate unsolvable maps.

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Latest chrome w7x64, feel like no effect from input (keybd and mouse) on screen with circuits and switches. Can't play. After some reloads it's work.

Complex circuit and buttons + touch cursor, but only asdf controls, feel like fake for me.

Anyway game is fun and Oil LORED my favorite (=

10 donuts/10 Don't stop!

But too fast key repeat. Some times i die just from two cell run by one short key press.

As i said under screenshot "Win 7 x64, gaming PC, chrome 76."

And latest beta  under ubuntu.

But today 2/2 launches ok. Under linux no one noticed hangs.

Sorry, i feel slightly confused... I three times views it, even make screenshot, and  anyway miss it. )=

About reload: when i first time play game, everything is ok, but yesterday, all two times when i start, it just show me black screen w/o errors and cpu profile like (100% core while 1+sec, and no more activities after).

I reload page three times before can play.

And sorry for my English.

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No [x], no click, right click, double click or swipe reaction.

I can't find any options about it.

And now, game loads only from 3rd page reload, without CPU load or messages to console.

Win 7 x64, gaming PC, chrome 76.

1) Message "Welcome back!" Holds above iron ore, and don't disappears...

It's slightly annoying...

2) At beginning, need more explanation about what line with number is what. (May be with popup)

3) About html 5 and hate. Try to use Vue, and canvas as component to animation or even SVG. And something like that if overlay effects needed.

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Nice, but with unlimited pulses too easy.

Just make infinity white and filer before outputs...

P.S.: Need more easily clearing fields method.

Really nice! Simple but cool!

Very low FPS at endgame. (May be missed particles cleanup) Make end unbeatable turn based and grindy.

Cool, but need path-finding, to move around corners.

windows 7, chrome, 24GB Ram, GTX 1060.

Browser hangs after loading and after 30sec WebGL context just crashed.

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Can't play, just read help and WASD to move camera without players or interaction... win 7, latest chrome. Tried and standalone link.

Scoreboard show server name like null:...address

Strange, i tried some keys and  X too, but it's give no result.

About revisiting:

1) grab leaved resources

2) just view as synthetic restriction.

But after some thinking, i understand ,you don't save levels after player leaves, and make revisiting may be too expensive for not too important detail. (I try to write games too, and my obsession level what live without player :P )

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I'm blocked by stunned enemy... Need skip turn key.

And please, make way to comeback to completed levels.

It's be fun and interesting...

A lot of games block level revisiting by balance restrictions, but in you game it's see synthetic for me. You level graph mostly like FTL, but unlike FTL, you levels can have more forgotten loot... And no rebels pressure.

Funny! Third game from LD feel completed.

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I found, thanks. And thanks for your game! (Sorry if you spammed by my replies, i many times misclicked and delete messages).

Small but fun!

What is last item? I see no closed doors or cutted areas on map.

It's really hidden secret or just missed by me?

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Slightly buggy controls (i play with keyboard), but enjoyable gameplay!

I get mmm artifact or something in tower at ground level without double jump, but has been very angry... (I seen up arrow while jumping from table, and try until get it. I think it's just difficult barrier)

Short but enjoyable... Smooth animations and feeling finished.  (In unlike most small games)

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I begin writing more pure project. Just trying to do cells with walls (floor, ceiling, hwall, vwall, blockentity) (random generated with auto floor  transition ) and webgl instanced rendering with ray-traceing to achieve 60 FPS on my test PC (9800GT on linux).

Just trying to finish basic level rendering and pew pew, without jumps and other 60+ first planned features...

Unfortunately, now i have no time to do it, because i'm buried under work as system administrator.

If i could do anything playable, i write you link, and obviously write about my game being inspired by LAB. (=

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Maybe i like your game, just because i'm bored with rpg, and too much visualized games.

But your game like fresh breath, with simple graphics and easy controls.

The latest time i most played in 2D games, like Crimsonland and other 10tons, and management games like factorio. Too tired with quake, and too uncomfortable with doom (i tried most emulators, but hmm, just feeling wrong).

Your game for me, like symbol about, simple graphics and 2.5D also can be enjoyably.

I try write games lot of times, and every time i buried up under premature optimization and too big list of wants, to make it while free time... But you make it's so good without all of this shit, what i want in my games. And it's just magnificent.

I tryed to remake your game, with hope about extend and make my own. But unfortunately, i can't just write simple game. I can't just keep simple 8byte per field map like you, and make maps manually. I need to make large maps with ray-tracing to render optimization, with real entity system and multiplayer sync, with variable field height and AI lieutenant that controls other, with map generation and portal vision... And i can't make in over night or two before burred under work tasks... And when i understand it, i just play LAB again to find more secrets... (= It's story of two last weeks. Under that time, i wrote simple game (js webgl reGL, no engine) two times, and both time stacked with no ideas how to solve problems because i can't restrict myself with features, and can't freeze api.

Sorry for my English and nagging.

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It's best! Only at 6th walk-through i noticed unbreakable objects breaking with grenades.

And only with map decoding i could find first level mega secret.

Thanks you for Blake Stone, but you game is my best! I want more! I play it more than 95% my steam library with 350+ games!
And +to @xpt, you have plans to expanding game, or only improove existing content?

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Just finished third time...

After second time, i been try to play wolf3d, and doom, but understanded that don't want finish them and want back to LAB.

I don't known why. But it's game feeling very additive for me...

Now if i have time and will, i want to write clone with textures at opengameart. And may be more than just clone setting.

Or just play fourth time. Pew pew... May be with baton this time. XD