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I'm rewriting the code for Tasks, as it is currently the oldest code in the game. Do you know how many times I've fixed this exact error you're having?! I'm gonna lose my marbles.

But it should be fixed in an update, hopefully permanently.

Which quest are you on, btw?

you may need to pause the Seed LORED if it is using too much water. The Tree LORED requires 8:1 Water, meaning it needs 8 water per tree. 

It prints your save code to the console. Press Ctrl-Shift-J to see the console. Click expand after your save has been printed there, because it's pretty huge, then paste that in any text doc and import it from the desktop version.

Lemme know if you've got any questions!

Glad you enjoyed it so far!

I'm aware of that bug, I will make sure it will be fixed for the next patch (which may be 3.0.0).

Click Metastasize again. That should put you into "malignant upgrade purchasing mode". And when you've finished selecting the upgrades you want, click Spread to reset, applying the new upgrades

Html5 issue, it's full of miscellaneous issues. Unless it's actually broken, but 🤷

The quest in the bottom right gives you a goal, and mouse over the grey or red boxes by the Coal and Stone LOREDs to see what they cost. That's the buy button!

Thanks!!! That's neat. I still update it on Kongregate with major updates, in case anyone still plays there. RIP

Your save is stored as a cookie! So if you ever wipe your cookies, that's it.

I'd recommend downloading the zip of the Windows version anyway!

I've pinpointed two areas that were causing some saves to not load. See if it works!

Which browser are you using? It loads for me on Chrome.

Okay, there's a new option in the menu (Afford check). I set every checkbox's color to their LORED's color, let me know if I should just leave the checkboxes white.

The Stone LORED costs Iron and Copper.

Oh, sure, I'll change it for you!

Gotcha. Will try to make sure this can't happen in the update

I may just remove the count. It seems like the best option.

That, or I will exclude wacky upgrades like Routine from the count.

Routine is the 40th. The count goes up to 40 when it's purchased, but then it gets reset immediately so it goes right back to 0 or 39 before the UI updates the count.

Your save is saved as a cookie, so wiping cookies deletes your progress. I recommend the Windows version, as it runs better, too!

Do the quest to unlock the Joules LORED!

Example: if you put the Iron Ore LORED on hold, the Iron LORED won't be able to take any Iron Ore.

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Are you clicking really quickly to purchase it asap?

thanks for that. I'll take a look at it as soon as I can

That is currently the final quest and may be removed when Stage 3 is released.

🤩 thank you!

In most RPGs, you slay countless weak enemies. This was a fresh take that reminded me a bit of Furi, where you fight fewer enemies but they are more rewarding to kill. Really neat! But the writing is bad.

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Can he do that? Is that allowed?

Congrats, you unlocked the secret credits! Can you and other players decipher the hidden messages in the texts? Only time will tell!

The text updates to what is presently going on. If it's flashing between the two values really quickly, I've failed to fix that problem. If it's flashing every few seconds, that's accurate.

Is that as big as the game window is for you? There should be space below the Q button for the Stage 1 button. 

Can you screenshot the entire screen?

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So the tasks are there, but the quest isn't displayed? Also, have you refreshed/re-opened the game? That fixes various bugs

What was the last quest you did?

No, it will handle up to somewhere around the 1e27 range before looking weird, but even then it won't crash.

How did you even upgrade Coal if Stone wasn't working? To get to +512, you would have needed up purchase it 10 times

Buy the Iron Ore and Copper Ore LOREDs, Iron and Copper need them to run. So far, I don't see any bugs!

Wait does it work now? Is the game going? If it's not, could you screenshot both LOREDs?

Wait what's wrong?

Make sure both Coal and Stone are working, and that you've turned in the first quest or two at the start! If it didn't reward you with Iron and Copper, it's bugged. If that's the case, delete your save in the save menu and restart lol.

:) I think Stage 2 goes too fast, now, but I hope you enjoyed it!

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The next update will no longer have the custom autobuyer feature. Get your crazy, cooky, custom conditions in while you can!