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What do you mean from 3rd page reload?

Also, removing the tutorial pen is my next priority. I hate the tip pop-ups, the blue in the background, the fact that the only two tabs are LOREDs and TIPS is totally bizarre, and having them all in one line was an idea borne from laziness. For now, though, click the button beneath the box. I see that it is difficult to see and blends in, I totally don't blame you for missing it

Sorry, i feel slightly confused... I three times views it, even make screenshot, and  anyway miss it. )=

About reload: when i first time play game, everything is ok, but yesterday, all two times when i start, it just show me black screen w/o errors and cpu profile like (100% core while 1+sec, and no more activities after).

I reload page three times before can play.

And sorry for my English.

What browser are you using? I know the game has major issues outside of Chrome

As i said under screenshot "Win 7 x64, gaming PC, chrome 76."

And latest beta  under ubuntu.

But today 2/2 launches ok. Under linux no one noticed hangs.

I'm afraid for now I just don't know enough about Godot or HTML5 to get it to always run. I can't even show the game to my friends on iPhone who are too lazy to get Chrome because I can't fix the issue where it doesn't run ever


Anyway game is fun and Oil LORED my favorite (=

That's the one I put the least amount of work into but ended up being the funniest