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I apologize. Apparently objects created from STL meshes do not cast shadows when converted to OBJ.
Most non complex OBJ meshes cast shadows, although some complex meshes come in missing faces or in as multiple objects.

I really should not be trying to import the Victory.

I wonder, then, if it's the fact the facets are triangular. The shadow I get from a DAZ Studio figure and clothing looks right to me. The poly count is 100,000+, but most are quads. I'll try with a small converted STL later today to test. I have an 11.2 million triangle/660Mb model I could try testing with after that - will be fun , but I have no expectations of it working, and had none for DS, and was pleasantly surprised when it did work.

ive bought in some very heavy meshes, apart from taking a while, it should essentially work

I was impressed. Imported the 11.2 million facet model, and while it slowed the machine down, it was not a jerky as I had feared. The model represented 3 man-years of design work and crippled the same machine when in SolidWorks (15 minutes to change view degree of crippling). Now I only have to work out how to texture map such a model & I could do some publicity shots for it as opposed to our usual CAD drawings. That'll surprise the boss..