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really good game. I dont like how you can get stuck down there.

one example is the entrance to the frost area, where you are basically raped without some high jump or high speed running skill :-/

Hey, thanks for trying the demo.

Well, you're not actually stuck down there but I know what you mean.

So if you are planning to continue playing this is what you have to do:

Start running from the previous room to the left and you should be able to run over the bridge.

This area has been completely changed in a newer version as this was causing issues for some players, so the bridge thing no longer exists.

Demo has not been updated yet as you now know since you played it.

I have plans of updating the demo at some point to better reflect the current state of the game.

Anyway, glad you like the game even with these issues. :)

I personally liked to get stuck here and finally find the solution, reminded me Super Metroid in Brinstar, I guess this is where you found the idea ;)

Yep, that's where the idea came from. ;)

To explain a bit further on why it was removed:

This is the place most people got stuck and there was not enough feedback in the running animation to indicate you gaining speed.

In fact, you were barely gaining speed, all that had to happen was you being at maximum speed when running over the bridge.

This was a bit too confusing and the bridge also felt a bit pointless / unnecessary.

There are probably more issues but at least you got some more information now. :)


ah yeah, true that this speed animation wasn't obvious to notice.