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Wow! Your game looks exactly like the style of game I'm craving for. It reminds me of the (sadly cancelled) exceptional AGS-game "Journey of Iesir". And, certainly, of MI 3 and Gilbert Goodmate. I really like the character design and the voice acting is very fitting. The only thing I missed was some more detail animations: For example in the tavern the two guys could move now and then. I'd also wish for more eye blinking (I really like it on the main character). These are tiny details, but after playing "Journey of Iesir" I like such details and as your game looks very high-class I just wanted to mention it as a suggestion. Anyway, I look forward to updates about development. And I'll most definitively purchase your game on release. Good luck! :)

Hi Athanasius. It was wonderful to read your comment. In case you did not see it, this game project is fully complete already. All we're doing is test for bugs and prepare the launch marketing campaign (busy doing this right now!).

Regarding adding more animations, we're considering it, but blinking in specific is already on our to-do list (to be done within a week from today only). The demo you tried is a bit old BTW. Within 48 hours from now, we will upload an updated version. It has many small improvements here and there but the highlights include shortened dialogues and making first room objectives easier and quicker to solve.

We will soon upload the updated demo version and post an update about it. Thanks again for dropping by! :)

Thank you for your reply @haridira! That's wonderful, I look forward to the updated demo! Godspeed with the full release! :)

The new demo version has been uploaded! Thank you for your interest. :)

Thank you for informing me, I'll download and try it asap! :)

Hey there! How are things going? I just wanted to say again how eagerly I anticipate your game and wish you godspeed!

Hi Athansius. So nice to hear from you again! The preparations for launching it (i.e. marketing work) are taking more than anticipated. I will very soon share with you the link to our renovated website. I will get back to you in less than a week from today. Again thank you for your support! It is comments from people like you that keep us and our project going. :)

Wonderful, I'll stay tuned! :)

Hi Athanasius,
Our Steam page has just been approved by Steam! Feel free to share with your friends! We're planning to launch the game by the end this year so a  bit less than two months from today.

Thank you for the info! I assume you'll also release the game DRM-free on itch? I'm very old-fashioned in these things, you have to know. ;)

That's true. :)