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The new demo version has been uploaded! Thank you for your interest. :)

Thank you for informing me, I'll download and try it asap! :)

Hey there! How are things going? I just wanted to say again how eagerly I anticipate your game and wish you godspeed!

Hi Athansius. So nice to hear from you again! The preparations for launching it (i.e. marketing work) are taking more than anticipated. I will very soon share with you the link to our renovated website. I will get back to you in less than a week from today. Again thank you for your support! It is comments from people like you that keep us and our project going. :)

Wonderful, I'll stay tuned! :)

Hi Athanasius,
Our Steam page has just been approved by Steam! Feel free to share with your friends! We're planning to launch the game by the end this year so a  bit less than two months from today.

Thank you for the info! I assume you'll also release the game DRM-free on itch? I'm very old-fashioned in these things, you have to know. ;)

That's true. :)