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My pc has 6gb ram. And a 1g video card. And the game runs at 6fps. My video card is a GEForce 210 1GB ddr3.

Please make the game compatible with this video card. Put more options of change of graphs for pc's less powerful

While I'm not the game developer, I am a developer and a PC with 6GB of RAM (no matter how good the video card is) is going to have trouble doing pretty much anything. The core OS (Windows 10 for example) + a browser will gobble up 6GB instantly so that means anything you run is going to continously swap out with the hard drive. My advice is to add more RAM to the computer. Also 6GB is a weird configuration as RAM chips normally come in sets of 4 or 8. These days 8 or 16GB of RAM is cheap (under $40) so I would suggest doing that first. Is there *any* game you can run with this PC?


"a PC with 6GB of RAM (no matter how good the video card is) is going to have trouble doing pretty much anything"

Not true at all. I have a PC with 4gb ddr2 and the game runs fine. Its probably the video card.

And also OS + a browser wont eat up 6Gb unless you have like lots of heavy webistes open in multiple tabs.

i have 4 gb ram too and i am on laptop maybe my bad fps is because o that gpu is 1300 mb overclocked

I tried this on an old pc with a q6600, 4gb ram and a 1gb hd7700. Ran perfectly fine


The OS and a browser would not take up 6GB of ram. No way. I take up 6GB of ram when I have 10 tabs open, a game, and music playing, not just a browser. It may be his video card or something might be up with the optimization of the game.


I don't think you will have luck in many games using a GeForce 210... And it's not really possible to implement more graphic options in Unity (the game engine).

Your PC is very bad and way too slow to run a game like raft.

I have a great mid-end video card, the card is as loud in this game as in GTA 5, the game just has some optimization problems, or lack there of optimization.


Geforce 210.... those are rare nowadays..

Is 230 rare too? Cause my game runs decently with one of those and 4gb ram xD

i think best buy might be selling them.. bought one last year from there as a cheap 'get me email and webpages' card.

However, the Dev isnt going to downgrade the game just to make it compatible with Y2K technology, You're just going to have to upgrade to something a bit more.... realistic.

To fully assess and help you with your issue, what is your performance in other games using the same specs?

Your video card is trash, that's why. They can't fix that right now, possibly not ever.