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You can bug the chest when place them very close to each other.

(sometimes) If you craft rope you can lost -1, I crafted ropes with 13 leaves

13-2=11-2=8 how game how ;D I have a video+

Raft bug


I had a similar problem where I placed a chest under some stairs (pretty close to the supports). I can hit the "E" to open it but there's only one small corner where I can do this. The rest of the chest won't show the E to open message for me.

i did the same thing to

I've had this problem but when i spam clicked, it didn't give me all the rope I was supposed to get.

Like when I was supposed to get 10, I only got 6.

Yes, that is happening to me as well. I placed a chest underneath the stairs, one near the ramp and the other near the support, and now having problems opening it because I have to find that perfect spot to get the "E" to open icon to pop up...Looking forward to the fix! Thank you.


Yeah I've had that same issue with disappearing thatch when you're making rope.

From what I saw you only had ten. One stack. The game menu said you had 13 but fixed itself when it realized you had less then it thought.

We will look into this problem, thanks

yes i have similar problem .. i have 1 leaves in my hotbar and 10 in my inventory and when i craft ropes i get 6 of them