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Hi! We attempted to build a mini-Metroidvania! 

We've gotten some really great reviews so far, so hopefully this counts!
And we had to come up with some clever mechanics to reinforce everything being on a single screen! I'd love to hear your thoughts! <3


MICROVANIA - A One Screen Mini-Metroidvania with a Twist!

And a few notes to help you play it! (The Game Jam build has a few bugs and quality of life issues) 

  • - It works with Keyboard OR Gamepad 
  • - You can view the controls in the menu (Esc or Start) 
  • - The Player has 3x Health but will be instantly killed by Dragon Fire 
  • - If you die twice, you should close and reopen the game (it breaks more and more with each death) 
  • - There are two Winning Endings (You Kill the Dragon, or You Give the Dragon What it's Looking for!?) 
  • - There are 5 secret Gems hidden throughout the game if you can't find the last one, keep looking!