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Thank you! Yeah we were thinking to show all the levels at the same time but that might make the game to easy. It works in "Save Me in 4D" because it's a platformer where you need that kind of feedback. While with our game it's more like some kind of memory game where you need to remember where all the monks are. But still something we can experiment with..

Your game is definitely an original take on the "1 dimension"-games, but very punishing levels indeed and often felt a bit random.

Yeah, it was mostly the last level of your game that was beyond my ability to track everything in my head. I was just about to break out the pencil and paper or give up when I finally figured out the strategy. The others were challenging but simple enough for me not to get too frustrated. But I also usually do pretty well at puzzle games. Maybe you could have an "easy" mode where you have a key to switch planes without actually moving. Or maybe you can do that, but it counts as a move so your score is worse?

As for Filament, yeah. Philippe did most of the level design, and he kept making levels that were fun for us but very difficult for new players. We have a farm, so Saturday and Sunday are usually work days for me and I didn't have anywhere near as much time as he did. I tried to make a few easier levels but mostly spent my time adding some bits of UI and visual feedback (things like the switching-between-levels code), which seemed more important at the time. Thanks for playing!

Don't worry our last levels are a bit random so quite hard to solve! Overall the puzzles needed better design but we didn't have much time for it. If we would continue on this game we would definitely make more easy levels first to get used to the mechanic. But having the ability to switch without really moving might be a good idea as well!

Filament was an original game nevertheless!