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Aha, got it. It might be that there are no free rooms then, because cleaners go to the same room. I find that I sometimes will have to close the hotel to get all rooms cleaned. I just recently learned about the storage spots. Very nice.

Yeah, that's a bug that is already fixed for the next update.


I've also noticed that the light goes through the walls, but since there are no roofs that might be it, or it may just be unity. No biggie really.

Other than that and cleaners cleaning the same room I dont find any obvious bugs.

BTW: The way the chefs work with stoves, could work for cleaners, they dont try to use one which is busy :)

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Hello jrc86!

We would like to send you the Alpha 4 pre-access (which will be released this sunday) to test it. If you want, send us an email at

Thank you!

Mail sent. :)