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Hotel Tycoon Alpha 3

A topic by AvrGames created Dec 23, 2016 Views: 560 Replies: 14
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Hello everybody! We've been working hard (really hard) on the new Alpha. The Alpha 3 brings some features, but the big change has been done on the models and the GUI. We'll let you check it on the game, so we'll explain further the other features. Let's go!


  • Now, you can move objects! Just go to the build mode, and look for the move icon on the right.
  • New models for: Jack o' lantern, light, roof light, cleaner self, tree, reception, restaurant bar, table, shower, fridge, plant, toilet. Small models changes for: nightstand, outdoor light, sink, door, cooker table.
  • Changed GUI: completely new build mode GUI, now the objects are placed according to their category, and it shows the price of the furniture. Also, you will see four icons on the right of the window: the delete wall icon, the delete object icon, the move object icon and the selection (default) icon.
  • Created two new outdoors objects: fence and corner fence.
  • Added storage place. It works like the default storage places, but you can build it wherever you want. It's quite simple.
  • Changed camera rotation, to rotate to the right press E, to rotate to the left press Q. It is smoother now!
  • Changed base room price from 150 to 350€.
  • Changed supplies prices (again). Now, the food boxes cost 250€, the drinks boxes 200€ and, the cleaner things boxes, 300€. Also, every drink that a guest buys will give 10€.
  • On delete wall mode, clicking/holding click once will only delete one wall. To delete more than one wall, hold SHIFT + click.
  • To cancel anything (build mode, delete mode…) or to leave from a window (build mode window, management window…) just press ESC. I must say it because now, to leave the buildmode, you'll have to press ESC.
  • The table now holds only one person, but it costs 30€. The last table price was 120€ for 4 people, so one chair costs the same as last alpha.
  • Optimized the game. We realized that with 4 guests, the game started to drop on FPS. So we decided to improve it as much as we could. The result: we found a way to get FPS back. And we think we have got it :)
  • And, of course, added christmas furniture: christmas lights, christmas tree, christmas gifts.

Bug fixes:

  • When loading a game, appeared floor tiles from the last saved game.
  • Worker wouldn't bring boxes from the store.
  • Buildable doors above walls.
  • Box collider activated when building floor/walls in some objects.
  • Minifridge isn't showed on the room furniture window when added to a room.
  • Receptionist won't look at the screen.
  • And a lot of small bugs!

Thank you for reading us, and Merry Christmas!

Great game.

May I suggest adding a check for cleaners if one is already assigned to an object, then other ones wont go there, and will find another object to clean?

I'm also having a bit of problem getting rooms that a further away to be cleaned. But i guess a better waypoint system for the cleaners should fix that.

Thank you for your feedback! We'll work on that, so for the next update we hope it will be working better.

Another thing I noticed is, if the room is too expensive at start, no guests will take the room, but it could have been just one time weirdness. I'll check it out again at a later time.

Starting with a few rooms with just a bed is good enough to start. Adding minifridge, bathroom, toiler and shower is essential to have the guests stay longer.

The first thing, its really weird because the guests don't care about the room price. About to get the guests stay longer, that's how it works: the guests take random events (sleep, go to the shower/toilet, eat, drink). They do that during 120 real seconds. Once they finish, they pay the full room price. But, if during that time they want to go to the toilet, to the shower or to eat/drink and they can't, they would stay until they find what they need or the mad counter gets to the 25 seconds. If the second thing happens, the guest will leave the hotel without paying.

So, one thing I wanted to do is to make public showers/toilets and vending machines to replace the private ones. That is something is planned for the future, but will be done.

Aha, got it. It might be that there are no free rooms then, because cleaners go to the same room. I find that I sometimes will have to close the hotel to get all rooms cleaned. I just recently learned about the storage spots. Very nice.

Yeah, that's a bug that is already fixed for the next update.


I've also noticed that the light goes through the walls, but since there are no roofs that might be it, or it may just be unity. No biggie really.

Other than that and cleaners cleaning the same room I dont find any obvious bugs.

BTW: The way the chefs work with stoves, could work for cleaners, they dont try to use one which is busy :)

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Hello jrc86!

We would like to send you the Alpha 4 pre-access (which will be released this sunday) to test it. If you want, send us an email at

Thank you!

Mail sent. :)


Deleted post

Well that's a bit weird. The alpha 4 will be released tomorrow, and it explains how everything works and also fixes a lot of bugs. If tomorrow you still get that bugs, let us know and we'll help you.

Thanks. Also, i have one request. Could you make it to where you start off with more money because i have a cleaner place, a restaurant, and a receptionist, but then i can't finish one room.

In the alpha 4 you'll start with 10000€, yes. And its a bit easier (more guests and contract people costs less).

But to move supplies you have to contract workers. To change the room number you have to add it in the furnitures list (on management window -> rooms -> room number). And to delete floors, use the dirt (is free and works as the delete floor).

The room number thing just stays at zero, even though i am going to management window rooms, then room furniture still doesn't work.. Eh, i'll figure it out.

Once you have open the management window -> rooms -> room in which you want to add the object (its a "1", or a "2", etc) -> furniture, it says "click on the objects to add the furniture". Then, just go to the room label while that window is open and click it.

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