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Also, can you help me get the game to run in true fullscreen without the bar at the top (see my screenshots above)?

Thank you for sending these screens! I'm not sure what's going on but it's very helpful to see. 

If you're playing on windows, pressing ALT+Enter should make the game go into full screen. I don't have a mac to test right now but it seems like Ctrl+Command+F or Function+F should do it. I hope that helps!

Thanks, that works, can I also send you my save file for editing? Where can I find the save file btw?

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EDIT: I did manage to find a fix! I'm going to try to push a fix this weekend. I have a fix for new saves for sure, but I think I can also push a fix that will fix your character automatically. But if you want to email me your save still, I can fix it manually faster.

The save file on windows it's located at:
On mac:
~/Library/Application Support/ Turnfollow\before_the_green_moon\save1
And the file is called: PLAYER_ART_save.test


Hey, finally got to try the new version, but now it looks like this for me. That wasn't the case in the last version. Any ideas? I'm playing on Windows.

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Hmm well i think that could be related to the color issue & the fix - though I thought i would have prevented it.

What I think the issue is related to is some regions use commas for decimals and where I am it's periods. So the save data is getting mixed up between the two and creating weird visual effects with the custom characters. If you're able, could you email me your save data? It will help me confirm the issue. I will try to find some time this weekend to re-work my previous attempt at the fix. It is a little hard to test because my computer might be working differently than yours... Thank you for all of your patience and feedback!

Ok, I sent you an email