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Really sad, uncomfortable story which felt very honest and true. I loved the different songs for the different scenes and the radio announcer interludes. The laid back style and play are really nice too!

The individual paragraphs and the feeling of the entire game are so strong, I love the writing style, the mystery, the mood. This is one of my fave games from the jam so far. The games string together so quickly, that I didn't instinctively stop and appreciate the individual play-throughs and the choices i was making felt random, but i didn't really care I was just searching for more information and scenes.

Great visuals and vibe. The mood of the stories was effectively creepy. The voice was grating, but probably in a good way!

Really pretty! I loved carrying the chair out to the yard for a sit down. The line effects were really cool too, especially from inside of the house.

Moving around the board was fun once I figured out how the game works. Eventually the two bad guys were just hanging out in the last corner I needed to explore though, and I lost :l

I would help if your character could stay in one spot if there wasn't a fire near maybe?

It looks great btw!

@astrochili Omg. Such embarrassing design... You click to enter the bonfires, not press enter (⌣_⌣") I will have to fix that for a new version

Great to play it a couple times, at least one very surprise ending!

This is totally mesmerizing! Each stage leads into the next seamlessly, and the animations are great. Probably my favorite of the jam so far.