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Hi! We started working on the game in February of 2020 and worked on it on/off part time until just about now (March 2023). 

The game takes about 5-10 hours to play through. 

Thank you for getting the game! Hope you enjoy playing it!

Thank you for the detailed and thoughtful feedback- we have added a content warning to this and the steam pages. I appreciate you and your partner sticking with it though those rough patches, and for unpacking the dynamics of expectations/audience in your comment. We'll be thinking about this in the future! Thanks again :)

Hello! The only mention of snakes is in that opening scene with the poster, no depictions!

Hello! Sorry for the delay Sxipp. It's originally in a couple chunks for looping, i'll look around and see if i can find a full version and also look for versions for the other songs which i'll return with also! Thank you for reachin out!

So glad to hear you enjoyed it! Thank you for saying!

I'm so sorry about that! I'm not sure if this would help but if you hold down "alt" after you double click on the game icon, a resolution window should appear - trying to lower the quality settings, lower the resolution, or playing in windowed mode might make the game run! If you're still having trouble, please send me an email at 

Hi! I'm sorry for the difficulty! If you download the "Bit Bash" version of the game, you can press Escape to open a chapter select menu, use the arrows to select "Late Night" and press "Enter" to open that chapter. The 'L' key is used to quit! Hope you enjoy the rest! ty so much for organizing

The watering can refills when it rains! Sometimes you have to wait a couple days. There is a spout that fills it up the most by the chair.

A weird thing happened while playing: I unplugged my headphones to play through this with Ian, but didn't realize I had some music on ( . So we went through it with this piano score over the whole thing that blended in and out of the song from tropical malady (which I love). A nice little accident. 

amazing, unsurprisingly ;)

I'm not sure if steam can provide keys for itch but I will look into it!

I love all of those games 🥰

It may one day but the main Steam Linix platform is SteamOS which I don't have a machine running on at the moment, so I don't feel comfortable releasing a product I haven't been able to test... 

Hi! Thank you for playing and sorry for your trouble! In that scene you should be able to hear some music coming from out by the lake! If you leave out the back of the house and walk into the forest the music should get louder! 

Hi! I'm really sorry about that! Could you send your operating system and version and any thing else you noticed happening to and I will try to figure out what's going on!!!

Ok, i've added the steam keys! Never done this before but it looks pretty straight forward!

Hi! For some reason I was feeling anxious about generating the steam keys, it feels weird to me - like too good to be true or something.

BUT I have now initiated the process with steam to get the store front keys but it says that could take a day or two (in the past it has been quicker) As soon as their available on itch I will reply again and let you know and add a note to the store page! Thank you for following up!

That's an original song by the games composer Scott Archer! The soundtrack will come out soon! He's doing some special stuff with it! :D

Your sounds really were perfect!

Yeah it would be cool if you posted if ya want to

You have a great one too!

Hi! I meant to post this a minute ago but we used a lot of these sounds in our game: for dialog chirps! They were supposed to be temporary for a long time but we really just loved the tone that they gave! Anyways, thanks for putting them up here and letting folks use them they made a really big difference

(you are in the credits in the pause menu, if you ever get a chance to play)

It currently doesn't but I've heard of people doing this and we're looking into it!

It seems to be fixed now! Thanks for giving us the heads up!

Aww yay! Itch fixed it! And thank you!

I'm sorry about that! I'm seeing the same issue and reaching out now to try and fix it!

Woah, weird, it's happening with me to! I'm going to look around and reach out to support to see if they can help!

it's out!

Hey, it should work now! (we were waiting til 9pst)

Hello! Yes, please contact Shannon at

Hi! This is the first time we've released on other platforms and storefronts so we've been limiting the number of different versions but for the first time i have a linux computer set up so i'm going to work on the port and we'll have support for is as soon as possible!

yes perfect thank you!

We're releasing our next game soon but this time we're lucky enough to have a publisher! They currently don't have an itch page but we do and so we'd like to post our new game on our itch page to our itch followers but have the payments go through the publisher.

The best/simplest solution i've thought of is for us to build the itch page and then embed a widget of an itch page that the publisher manages in the body of the page, down near the bottom where the purchase options would normally be. That's not exactly ideal because it could create an uncomfortable disconnect for people and muddy exactly what is being purchased, but it would work for our practical purposes.

Is this a situation that has been brought up before and handled in a different way?

If not, it seems like a feature that would would be useful as hopefully more and more indies are being picked up by publishers and as more indie publishers emerge.

Anyways, thanks for any help you could offer!



i'm sorry that i just saw this!

what platform are you using? send me an email at and i can try to figure it out for ya!



Really sad, uncomfortable story which felt very honest and true. I loved the different songs for the different scenes and the radio announcer interludes. The laid back style and play are really nice too!

The individual paragraphs and the feeling of the entire game are so strong, I love the writing style, the mystery, the mood. This is one of my fave games from the jam so far. The games string together so quickly, that I didn't instinctively stop and appreciate the individual play-throughs and the choices i was making felt random, but i didn't really care I was just searching for more information and scenes.

Great visuals and vibe. The mood of the stories was effectively creepy. The voice was grating, but probably in a good way!

Really pretty! I loved carrying the chair out to the yard for a sit down. The line effects were really cool too, especially from inside of the house.

Moving around the board was fun once I figured out how the game works. Eventually the two bad guys were just hanging out in the last corner I needed to explore though, and I lost :l

I would help if your character could stay in one spot if there wasn't a fire near maybe?

It looks great btw!

@astrochili Omg. Such embarrassing design... You click to enter the bonfires, not press enter (⌣_⌣") I will have to fix that for a new version

Great to play it a couple times, at least one very surprise ending!