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I disagree about the enemies. This game is more about getting your combos off than combat. Enemies chasing directly after you would cause them to bunch up and do the combos for you. And adding automatic return or teleporting to the bullet would fundamentally change the game. You lose out on the depth of trying to position the bounce just right to get the quick return. Also, enemies can get in the way of you and you walking back to your bullet, so there's that.

Solid input Darn. My game does need a lot of tweaking and balancing to get it to feel just right. But you are correct that it is about combos vs combat. I've been working on it and the combos are a little easier to pull off and infinitely more satisfying. I've added some variety to the enemies too. Maybe when it's ready I could send you a playtest version for you to critique? Cheers!

I'd be cool with that. Looking forward to playing it! :)