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Not even close to what I was using. I did try a perspective panorama made by ICE  that was 10,000 x  6,000.
I will try a 360° cylindrical panorama.

If you have a sky thats just the top half, you can mirror the bottom in photoshop or gimp or make it black if you dont think you will see it

I created a proper pano sky and it loads properly.
The problem now is the Sky rotation slider does not rotate the imported sky. The slider always snaps back to its initial position.

thanks, fixed for the next update

Please tell my why an imported sky looks like this

from a pano made by Flowscape which looks a lot like your sample above.

(2 edits)

Convert to jpg first.

Also bring it into an image editor and set the gamma from 2.2 to 1. else it comes in too bright

The original is a JPEG and re-saved with a lower compression.  Assuming a 59MB images as being a bit too large.
I tried it with images in PNG , JPEG  and a pano in  DNG  (RAW) converted to JPEG.
The result was the same . Just different patterns of red.
I will do more experiment to-night.

hmm thats strange, maybe its too high res or not a power of two.

try resizing to 8192x 4096 

Interesting experiment.
I made three pano images.. One in three resolutions using :Ansel 360°, FlowScape panorama, Lightroom panorama from 10 images I took with a point and shoot camera. All were savedd as JPEG images.

The sky using the Ansel and FS panoramas. The same in all three resolutions.


The sky using the Lightroom panorama.

The Lightroom image is 10,00  x 3,600.

Other than the import  scale and  sky rotation that do not work, I could use my own skies.

interesting, try rotating in the sky menu, I think that one works for now