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Interesting experiment.
I made three pano images.. One in three resolutions using :Ansel 360°, FlowScape panorama, Lightroom panorama from 10 images I took with a point and shoot camera. All were savedd as JPEG images.

The sky using the Ansel and FS panoramas. The same in all three resolutions.


The sky using the Lightroom panorama.

The Lightroom image is 10,00  x 3,600.

Other than the import  scale and  sky rotation that do not work, I could use my own skies.

interesting, try rotating in the sky menu, I think that one works for now

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Unfortunately, the Sky menu slider moves, freely back and forth but my sky has a humongous anchor tied to

The sky panel rotation slider works for the first imported sky, but any subsequent import the slider does nothing.