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gamers getting mad at this game is so funny like "oh noo this game is socialist boo" like, no shit guys! games (especially indie games) have been used to prove political points before, because at the end of the day games are another storytelling medium. Anyways great game do any of you guys know how to get the good ending?


I take it that you want socialism. well I got bad news for you. its a failed ideology. take a glance at Venezuela. as for your attacks on critics such as me and others, its disgusting to alienate a group of people that dont want politics in games.

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You could then just not play this kind of game? I'm assuming nobody sat you down and tied your hands to the keyboard. If you don't want politics in your games, don't play a game that from the title alone you're able to tell is probably politically motivated. At that point you're just looking for an excuse to be angry. Cheers, mate.


I did play just to see what it is. the synopsis was very broad and didnt state the obvious bias that I was playing. it was a bait to indoctrinate people to hate capitalism and want to implement socialism as it's place


Well good, otherwise what's the fucking point of propaganda?? I don't expect game devs to be castrated apolitical sheep who daren't question the overlords. I expect them to tell me what the fuck is up, at least from their perspective, in cool ways, which is what we have here. I don't see anything being hurt here but bootlickers' feelings. It's not "disgusting" (mildly upsetting) to "alienate" (not cater to) people who hate socialism. Besides, if you hate alienation, maybe give more of a shit about minorities, who get alienated in every fucking mainstream game. This funny economics thought experiment is one of the only games I've played that I actually feel like isn't alienating. So cry me a river. It's timmy's turn on the twine.



The true story behind Venezuela is somewhat different to what's been reported.


That is a pro socialist website. if you think what the media reporting is a lie then explain the footage of thousands of people foraging for food in dumpsters like this

If you cant come up with another bullshit story like this pro communist shit website, then you are part of the problem. I dare you to move there, and I can bet you wont even last a month under their conditions.


Well, I certainly wouldn't last a month there right now... all that lovely oil has changed that, yet again.


It used to be a rich capitalist nation until that dictator took over. And no, Venezuela no longer has control of all of the refineries and rigs since they are still US property. Pres. Trump issued an embargo against that country. they no longer have our oil.


you'd have to be a moron of some kind to believe that a third-world country in US's backyard can be a master of its own destiny... we never let them


And you can thank Bill Clinton. democrats are usually responsible for the atrocities that we see today, particularly the separation of children at the southern border, was in fact due to the Flores law which is what He signed. There is a alot of proof of the democrats involvement of evil atrocities such as the Eugenics system. That system is now Planned Parenthood and it was intended to abort minorities including blacks, by force.


Thats because the democratic party isn't a leftist party, its a party of mostly centre right politicians, with very few exceptions or only 1 i believe that being Bernie who's more like barely centre left.  If you debate actual leftists dont go in believing we like the parties let alone the current system of governance whatsoever. Vuvuzela is also just tooting an old horn at this point and if you really want to use """communist""" countries let me point you to the fact the soviet union, although not actually communist OR socialist, survived for almost 70 years before dissolving. This is most definitely the worst example of any kind of left leaning ideology and many leftists would agree, but you obviously dont give a shit, if you do though you should look up information about how every communist country to come up always gets defamed b the US and then sanctions and then etc. Communist countries may fail, but they don't fail because of its system, they fail because capitalist countries are out to get them. JSYK I could care less about this conversation beyond this point I just found your takes to be so fucking hilariously bad I needed to chime in for a little pot shot.


You are retarded and stupid. Where the fuck did you get that crock of shit from? Bernie's Butthole? Obviously, you are braindead, and I cant help you. May god have mercy on you.


You know it's just a stubborn supporter of the RNC when they start blaming all of america's problems on the democrats...