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And you are a immoral person, faggot lover

Is that your only excuse? a talking point?

Because its heresy

It was not meant as a joke. if you want to say that it was an insult, then it is. Stay off the drugs and stay off the computer, freak.

You just showed your true colors. you are a SJW. Get lost and stay off the internet.

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What good is it being a lesbian. you cant reproduce without a man for christ sakes.

The people who made this game are liberal snowflakes.

IMHO Steam is still a DRM platform. I oppose any such DRM as I think that Im renting my games when I paid them in full, which is unfair to alot of customers. If you look at the EULA for Steam, they reserve the right to terminate your account at any time without warning, even if you didnt break any part of the policy, which is a double standard punch in the face. I suggest bring back the game to or better yet, release it at GOG.

Get rid of this crap.

Nintendo has no right to abuse the DMCA. this game is not making a cent and you guys have the nerve to take this game down because its hurting a small profit. Piss off