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You try again, and next time stop using liberal based news sources. there is your problem, and you are part of the problem. You are an NPC and you never reason with people on the other side of the political spectrum unless they are part of the mob. You rather want violence to control the masses than to have a debate. You are a nasty person and an evil man. And you better part praying because when you die, you will be judged for your crimes of abortion, slavery, because you vote democrat and violence through death. the KKK uses violence to intimidate us. I will NOT COMPLY TO YOUR DEMANDS!!!!!

oh shut the fuck up, you stupid brainwashed nut.


well sorry about before, but its that I dont trust anyone on the internet. The world is a dangerous place now because of political upheavel, decadence, corruption and greed. all I can do is defend yourself. you should too.

uh, huh.... yea. now Im starting to think that you are an SJW. no way the word "retarded" was used as an insult against disabled people, because I myself am disabled. Have you laugh. your end will come.

You are retarded and stupid. Where the fuck did you get that crock of shit from? Bernie's Butthole? Obviously, you are braindead, and I cant help you. May god have mercy on you.

And you can thank Bill Clinton. democrats are usually responsible for the atrocities that we see today, particularly the separation of children at the southern border, was in fact due to the Flores law which is what He signed. There is a alot of proof of the democrats involvement of evil atrocities such as the Eugenics system. That system is now Planned Parenthood and it was intended to abort minorities including blacks, by force.

It used to be a rich capitalist nation until that dictator took over. And no, Venezuela no longer has control of all of the refineries and rigs since they are still US property. Pres. Trump issued an embargo against that country. they no longer have our oil.

That is a pro socialist website. if you think what the media reporting is a lie then explain the footage of thousands of people foraging for food in dumpsters like this

If you cant come up with another bullshit story like this pro communist shit website, then you are part of the problem. I dare you to move there, and I can bet you wont even last a month under their conditions.

I did play just to see what it is. the synopsis was very broad and didnt state the obvious bias that I was playing. it was a bait to indoctrinate people to hate capitalism and want to implement socialism as it's place

Well said.

What? I raise a point but instead I get attacked for it. gaming industry is so fucking polarized and toxic, its a cancer.

I despise GTA. it promotes crime and the killing of cops.

I take it that you want socialism. well I got bad news for you. its a failed ideology. take a glance at Venezuela. as for your attacks on critics such as me and others, its disgusting to alienate a group of people that dont want politics in games.

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Sorry but after playing this. It is clear that this sends a socialist message to gamers. We cannot let politics interfere our entertainment. not to mention it was inspired by man hater Zoe Quinn.

they cant even reproduce. why? because they jizz dust.

IMHO Steam is still a DRM platform. I oppose any such DRM as I think that Im renting my games when I paid them in full, which is unfair to alot of customers. If you look at the EULA for Steam, they reserve the right to terminate your account at any time without warning, even if you didnt break any part of the policy, which is a double standard punch in the face. I suggest bring back the game to or better yet, release it at GOG.

Nintendo has no right to abuse the DMCA. this game is not making a cent and you guys have the nerve to take this game down because its hurting a small profit. Piss off