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Hi, Ligia!

It's been some time since I last commented here, but I want to answer your questions and thank you for this amazing update!

So, first question: I think it's definitely clearer now. You could tell that something very bad had happened between the two of them, but finding out about Matt's decisions made me understand a little about the actions of some of the archetypes (which I particularly thought were a little over the top).

2. I tried different choices, and was amazed at the changes! I am super excited now to see how this will impact the future. 

3. The dream sequence was definitely my favorite part. The least favorite is hard to choose: I like how the story is going. But since I have to choose, I would say that is still not knowing if I can trust Curio lol

4. I am very much looking forward to meeting Melike! I want to see how she interacts with MC and her brothers.

I think that's it. 

I wish you an amazing 2022!

Hi, Ligia! I’m glad things got slightly better! I hope that everything will be alright from now on. 

I’m super excited to see the changes! And for the celebration, of course. Time goes by so fast, it’s been a year already! 

Lastly, LtGBtK deserves much more attention; I hope people discover this amazing story!

Ligia, life sometimes is extremely hard, so take your time to heal; we’ll be waiting!

I loooooved Melike’s looks, I was looking forward to see her! And Mathias is gorgeous as always.

About the anniversary,  the short stories sounds good to me ❤️

Thanks for the devlog and take care 😘

Hi, Ligia!

Thank you for the Devlog, is super cool seeing how things are going! I loved the chapter preview ❤ and the new bg!

Stay well and fora Bolsonaro 😘

I absolutely love Wuthering Heights! I'm really looking foward to this game; liked it so far

Hi, Ligia!

I’m happy things are going well! Take your time, and remember to rest.

Ps: I looooooved the sneak peek ❤️

Did you enjoy having a more intimate look at your Dragon Commander's past? Should I make more of this type of thing or nah?

I absolutely love it! I want to know so many things about their past... And this glimpse was very good.

What was your favorite and least favorite thing about this update?

My favorite thing was discovering the words™ and least favorite was that it ended lol

Which character would like to learn more about?

I find all of them super interesting, but I want to learn more about the Queen and her youngest child, if I can choose the ones that didn't appear hehe

Do you feel you're having enough space to create your own Dragon Commander?

I do think so. More so because the Commander have a history already, so I think we have a good amount of choices to lead them in this point of their lives

I'm happy I'm not the only one that feels this ways towards Curio lol

omg ❤️ i'm so excited to play it!



Everything is clearer now


Loved the narrative!

Thanks for this great story! Take your time to do what you want, we'll be waiting. The extra story looks intriguing; I was really interested in seeing more of Mandra, so I'm glad hehehe