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The first thing I've learned post-jam: I suck at promoting my game XD
Though it's hard to judge whether your efforts are obnoxious or not. Rate threads help, but quickly become saturated.
Commenting on other's games seems to help some; I certainly try to look at the games from people commenting on mine. But not everyone will do the same; which is fair, there's 2.7k games and I doublt I've seen more than a few percent of them.

Though I have to wonder whether rate count matters in the long run: if you have 5 ratings but all were 5*s (hypothetically), would that be worth more than someone with 30, but an average of about 4*s?

Still. If this is what it's like for a small jam, a lot of effort for a few dozen people, I really feel for developers making and publishing their games on Steam and so ^^;

Amen my brother