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A quite neat little game, somewhat "game-jammy" here and there but that is to be expected being a game jam project :) very impressed by what this team accomplished in two days!

I really like the idea of a one screen metroidvania and I can picture how this could be expanded upon with multiple one screen levels as part of a huge castle/dungeon that ultimately could add up to a full game! 

I think the one screen works quite well, giving the player an overview of all the relevant environment, allowing them to see, plan and think about how to approach and handle the environment in order to progress past obstacles and ultimately complete the level.

I played it on a fairly big and bright screen and did not really have any issues with the level being too dark or the view being to zoomed out as some have mentioned in the comments. However, since many are commenting about it I'd say investigate it and adjust the lighting and maybe add a zoomed view toggle button so the player can toggle between zoomed out and zoomed in view.

Well executed!