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This is my first time working on a video game as an artist in a group. Being surrounded by such brilliant people was such a great experience, and it's one I will hold onto for life.  This is hard to admit, but I probably suffer from Imposter syndrome at times, and being a lapsed programmer it was hard to see any value I could bring to the team. I was incredibly worried that my anxiety would slow me down, that they would see me for a fraud of a creator/artist.  It didn't help that I hadn't worked with a photoshop system in years, as I mainly sketch in pencil. 
These friends of mine were very open to what I had to bring to the table; encouraging my learning and growth during those 48 hours.  Seeing just how I progressed in photoshop, it even more amazing seeing what my friends contributed to the project. When things worked correctly , even when they hilariously didnt in visual splendor, I was awe-struck by how smoothly they took what i created and put it in game. Hearing the sound that was created for all the creations I had was a true delight.
This entire experience helped motivate me to further push my art, but to also get out of my shell and go on a chance. It paid off big for me. I loved the experience with the team and it helped not only me, but everyone involved.

The game is Called "One Earth". You control a giant mech as it walks around the planet in a 2D plane. You must save Earth from a cartoonish swarm of aliens by building turrets in different biomes (Sand, Ocean, Mountains, and Plains) to defend your home as you make your way toward an escape. Each biome has a different affect on the turret. You can stack them,  turn them into shields and more, but BE CAREFUL, using to much of Earth has its own consequences.


Cool game! And hey, what’s so great about art is that it really is a learning experience, and a fun one at that. I’m really glad you found this jam such a good experience. we all feel like imposters sometimes. It’s hard to see your own value, but rest assured, everyone has something  to bring to the table. If others can’t see that, that’s a them-problem, not yours. It’s great you found a group that can assure you in your worth, people like that are the best kind

Thanks! We worked really hard and the team really came together.