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Cool and original concept, and it's surprisingly challenging!

Thank you! I'm happy to hear that you found it challenging - that was my original thought as well when I just went to wikipedia to try it out ("prototyping" was the fastest I've ever done! Went to Wikipedia, pressed "random article", ctrl+f, match whole words, and I could play my game :D). But then as I was working on it, quite a few times I just by chance entered a random word from the article and got a right answer on the first try, which really wasn't very much fun at all (which is why I think the game should have you complete a few articles in a row, so that even if you get your first one on your first try you still get to experience the challenge as you go). Thank you for playing and commenting, I'll make sure to play yours too :)


Thank you! I also think trying to find shorter words adds challenge as well, so the letter counter is a nice touch.