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If you build the techs that upgrade your body they act as teleporter if you die you respawn at the  lastest upgrade point.

But is it possible to do this without dying? Like i have a production line behind a wall that doesnt have doors because apparently enemies can open them and i want to go over the wall. Do i need to break the walls every time i do this? Do i need to risk the security and have easily penetrable doors placed around? Or do i need to constantly plan and remember where is my last upgrade point after which i will need to kill myself just to fix a conveyor belt that i placed wrong? For me it seems that just having an expensive 3x3 thing that teleports you around is much better than all of the other methods (also i find your running speed kinda slower that i would like). Also that will be just a nice QoL addition. (or i just missunderstood the comment and you can somehow teleport beetwen the upgrade points without dying).

True on the bigger maps it would help out but that was the only solution I have at this time b/c i use it to respawn at my choke point as an attacking or healing unit


Really, maps aren't very big, and moving around them in the better mechs/ships isn't very time consuming. A player teleporter was experimented with but is not a planned feature.