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I would like to give a suggestion for the game since you get electricity fairly soon but most if none at all the electrical turrets there are no anti-air especially in the heavy air early game.  even it is a super early and weak one it would be great especially for those(like myself) who only like to run full electricity.

I do not dispute that but what i was referring to was the distance plays a part in the distribution of power as well so if you have 3 lines connected to 1 node and farthest one has all your defenses then it would loss out to the other 2 nodes unless you stored some power during the round so that you had a reliable source when the wave came Generation is a key but distribution is the bottle neck unless you want to waste resources to build redundancies 

It helps store excees energy so if your power supply gets cut off or if your suing to much energy from a large distance to high drain machines so they dont loss enerygy to fast.

I do see kind of what your talking about but Anuke's dev log has a link to follow to get to the change log on his github page

Yeah that boss freaked me out b/c I had the whole place on lockdwon with only a few point defence setups and that came out of nowhere.  when the round spawned in i didnt notice the health bare and was across the map then it came flying and instagibbed me XD.  Lets just say when round 40 hits unless im there to soly kill that boss i leave asap XD

True on the bigger maps it would help out but that was the only solution I have at this time b/c i use it to respawn at my choke point as an attacking or healing unit

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I really enjoying the game. This tech tree is super awesome, mainly b/c its so extensive.  The only things i would critique.

1. The game seems very short compared to the tech with a rapid jump in difficulty once you get to the thorium levels.(super fun though still)

2. I have only found a very few amount of the campaign maps that allow you to fully utilize the thermal generator or even the Thorium generator b/c of resource scarcity. 

3. Its impossible to use the thorium resources in early part of the campaign (As of where I'm at right now) which goes in to its very difficult to grind for phase materials b/c the levels that give you access to the materials only one gives you direct access out of the gate.(Nuclear Complex)

I really enjoy this game and look forward to any upcoming changes

If you build the techs that upgrade your body they act as teleporter if you die you respawn at the  lastest upgrade point.