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If you can host a hotspot it maybe works, but you cannot port forward on mobile data. Instead you can join the Discord to find a list of servers.

Probably your graphics drivers are outdated.

Really? There is #mapping and you can use !postmap to send maps into #maps.

You can download the game as 3.5 and the new v4 in alpha. It is already a full version since almost a year now. The web version was downgraded because some new features are not supported in the web version.

There is a modloader, you can find it in the Discord server. The link does not seem to work atm, but that will probably get fixed soon.

1 by 1 drills are not coming back.

This means your graphics drivers are outdated. And you did not even read the bottom line (don't do what it says, however.).

I know I maybe shouldn't do this, but

A very fun game with simple controls, and it is hard. I really enjoy it!

When trying to jump onto a platform, sometimes the game will freeze and when you move you are suddenly on the ground. It was a very short gameplay and when you finished the game it was very sudden.

I find the first enemies (biting) to be very hard to kill, they have a small hitbox, then the shooters are really easy to kill. At the second level it got too hard. I will also mention that in fullscreen, some things were off-screen. Overall a great game.

Simple and fun!

It is pink.

You have it here at the downloads, Mindustry 3.5-b40. For older, check GitHub.

It's coming soon.

4.0 is alpha and most descriptions will come later. There will be a tutorial in build 57, and no, the game will not be more like 3.5, however I plan on making "Mindustry 3.6".

Since 4.0 is not finished yet, Discord is a quite proper forum. Wikies etc are coming soon.

No, it might just be hard, but it's not impossible. Remember that it is in alpha.

Yes, but when playing again all was fine

I think I played the last level after the tutorial...