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I actually did it, a mind-boggling idea for sure. You do give a lot of hints, but it becomes really apparent only when you got it.


WARNING: If you leave this page, you will lose control of your avatar.

But, in the last level, you'd like to keep control of him, right?

Congratulations and thanks! That's a really good hint too.

I was starting to get really worried that no-one would manage to solve it. I really wanted players to take a step back on that level and go over everything with the idea of "wait, that doesn't work, what did I miss?" and get that sense of victory when it finally makes sense and they do solve it. From a puzzle perspective I think it would be better to introduce the final puzzle at the start of the game, so players already know what they're up against when the game's gimmick is being introduced and know that their initial interpretation might not be the right one.

It was halfway into the jam when this idea popped up in my head and I simply had to implement it. I chose a platforming game as the medium, as that seemed to be the easiest to implement while still being enjoyable. Obviously, I focused more on the controls and level design than the art, but it's a design challenge after all. Having only 24 hours left and this being my first game jam, I'm really happy with the result.