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It's been a while since I was so relaxed and so confused at the same time. If they played that smooth jazz track in real customs areas, there would be a 60% decrease in international incidents over night.

I liked it though! Comparisons to Papers Please are well made and it has a feeling of real playfulness around it's inscrutibly alien artifacts. About the only thing I might change would have been the giving of context. My understanding is that the intention was to maintain a level of ambiguity and that's fine, but sometimes when a person comes up with something I've not seen, I've just got to take the game at its word that it isn't lying to me, and that can be an uncomfortable position as a player. My reccomendation would be to find a way to connect that weird word to that visual exactly once, maybe when it's first introduced, so that you're putting the whole burden on the player's memory, rather than their trust.

Definitely put a smile on my face though.