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Well, well, well. Just finished BOSSGAME and I have to say it's been a little while since I've picked up a game this satisfying to play. A perfect mix of rhythm and action. Every fight was fast paced and fun (even while i was struggling) (sometimes I have to admit defeat and go to bed for the night lol) (i lost a shameful amount to mirra one day very late at night... like 4x the most I lost to any other boss), and it even made me cry a bit. :')

Even though the core mechanics were enough to carry the whole game, I loved it when things got switched up for a bit, and the final fight especially was extremely satisfying.

Good job! I had a blast! 10/10 will play again. :)

P.S.: I did run into a little glitch, I'm pretty sure, in the fight against Apotheosister? Where... because I not actually good at rhythm games, I panicked... and i frequently had both shield buttons held down, and when the boss disarms Sophie, the option to switch sides uh... broke. The opposite arrow disappeared and she was stuck in place. And then I just had to die. lol
It was a glitch reproduced twice, but then I beat the fight the time I tried to actually record it... >__>;
I played on PC using a controller, but this maybe be a problem that's just unique to my playstyle. (panic)

P.P.S.: Plot-wise, I think this game is a bit unique in that... I feel often in stories, characters who are broken up (friends, lovers, or otherwise) find themselves getting back together due to circumstance and then remember why they liked each other, but it's refreshing to see them still thinking about each other and actually talk it out. Anna and Sophie's reunion was pretty cathartic in that respect (that was the bit that made me cry), and it really felt like everything ended pretty well. :)

Ahhhhh thank you so much, fun, I'm so glad you enjoyed it!! That means a lot to me <3

Yea, unfortunately, the Apotheosister fight is really just a curse when it comes to bugs... I've been trying to hunt down that particular bug for a long time with no luck. Sorry about that ;-; I think it is just something that happens when you swap extremely fast...

I am so glad you enjoyed that part of the story, too - it's such a common thread in relationships between people, and I really wanted to explore it!! It came from the heart, and I'm pretty proud that it seems to have worked out well, hehe. Thank you again so much for playing ~