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I'm back, and with an alarming discovery...

...oh boy.

A sessile Vagorus specimen that is purely Vagorian (unlike the Quill), this gargantuan mess of zooids appears to be hell-bent on assimilating any detritus nearby, utilizing bits of rock and whatnot as a sort of "support". Due to the amount of Twister zooids on it, it is capable of generating a sizable field of strong currents and vortexes around itself, while all its Burstopods shred any siphonophore caught in the maelstrom. 

To make matters worse, this specimen also has a remarkable growth pattern: it will grow "tentacles" (technically, pseudopods) that attempt to reach any nearby matter. The "tentacles" will hang loosely by default(as seen from the bottom-center to bottom-right of the above image). However, upon sensing something nearby, the "tentacles" will rapidly grow to entangle its target. It will then proceed to do one of two things, based on the situation:

1. If it grapples a living siphonophore, it will grow as many Burstopods as possible and rapidly kill the entangled target.

2. If it grapples debris, it will grow Peapod zooids to fully encapsulate the debris, before growing Burstopod and Twister zooids to claim the debris as it own.

Interestingly, the core of this specimen is enmeshed in a net of Peapod zooids. I am not too sure of the purpose of this, but I have theorized that it is some primitive form of central nervous system(to allow the "tentacles" to respond accordingly), although this has yet to be confirmed.

This Vagorus specimen has been named "The Mass". It was deemed to be a threat to the Vagorus habitat when it was originally found in the wild, and was thus relocated to an isolation aquarium, where it will be fed and experimented with. 


This is super cool, thank you for posting this <3

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Well that's just terrifying!

Makes me think of attempting to build one of those with whatever species i can do it with.

Or even a roblox thing where you play as the beast...

But ROBLOX is 3d and Sipho is 2d...

Let's just hope for the best...


Drifter [ i think ]



Burstopod Bomb


Also, a little typo i found.

what i see: this specimen also ha a remarkable growth pattern

what it's SUPPOSED to show: this specimen also has a remarkable growth pattern

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Well, guess I must've been somewhat correct in my assessment of it having some sort of nervous system, as it seems that The Mass has gained sentience and helped me correct a typo!

...jokes aside, thanks for the correction, and I hope you liked my creation! I feel honored to have inspired you with it. And yes, your observations are correct - those were the respective zooids I was referring to. I refer to them by the names given in-game!

Since saved creatures now have codes, I might share some in the future, due to reception they're getting...