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The concept was "an arena shooter where only one enemy is killable", so you're hunting the specific slime that can be killed so that you can wipe the rest of the enemies

If you kill slimes at random, you'll just make the situation worse for yourself with more and more slimes swarming you :)


That... explains a lot. I think i definitely just got super lucky at the beginning, which made me think "what's the point if i can just kill any slime" 

One thing i would suggest is adding feedback to whether the right or wrong choice was made (perhaps some splash for the right slime, and dark puff of smoke for the wrong one)


you're right, the wrong slimes have a puff of smoke and multiply, but killing the right slime could have some sort of indication on the remaining slimes that they are now vulnerable

Thanks for the feedback!


congrats on getting Mark to play your game! 😀