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Oh hi again! Well that's weird. I think only one other person had the issue, and they arrived there eventually. Are you counting from the first room or the second?

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I am counting from the second,i did like the poem said but,i am returning to the same place even i am doing it right.

I think we've found the issue xD

Start counting from the first room and we'll see what happens.


ok! also i have some ideas from your game,if you want why don't you put some more events as couples of lianna and mao? (sorry i ship those two ;w;)

Ohh. You know, I really like the idea!

The story is so focused on paying their debt the two don't get a lot of time together. But that could work really well as post game content. Well, I'll keep that in mind whenever I get back to working in this game xD

(But you may be happy to know they get some quality time together in the second Huyuchi sidequest (^_-) )


Alright! And if you are working to much don't forget to rest! ^v^/