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I tried to call sound effects from assembler but no luck, it keeps silent.

* My game has disabled the kernal und the zeropages FD-FF is not used

* I exported the sound prg file to $e000

* In my program I set the volume to 15

* I called once: 

  lda $0   // effect

  ldy $0  // channel

  jsr $0e4a

* I used my own raster routine and called jsr $e2a9

Any idea?

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lda    $0 : loads the content of the location 0 in A  [A = PEEK(0)]
lda #$0 : loads the number 0 in A  [A = 0]

(idem for ldy $0)

You must use the second form (#$0). Please, double check these instructions.

P.S.: $0e4a is a typo, right? The correct address should be: $e04a

Let me know.


Please excuse my assembly skills, lda $0 is differnet than lda #$0... I embedded the sounds effects already in my game written in TRSE (Turbo Rascal) and now it works well. My game will be released soon and I would like to mention your tool in the credits if you don'nt mind. The game will be released as "FIZZ", I think also in

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I'm happy to know it works. For sure you can mention my tool, I'm looking forward to try your game. Thanks.

so my Game is out: