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I'm happy to know it works. For sure you can mention my tool, I'm looking forward to try your game. Thanks.

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lda    $0 : loads the content of the location 0 in A  [A = PEEK(0)]
lda #$0 : loads the number 0 in A  [A = 0]

(idem for ldy $0)

You must use the second form (#$0). Please, double check these instructions.

P.S.: $0e4a is a typo, right? The correct address should be: $e04a

Let me know.

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Ciao, thanks for the comment.

The export typically takes place by specifying a memory address and possibly other parameters such as the locations to be used in page zero: this is what the most famous music trackers (such as Goat Tracker) do and if you are using one, you certainly already had to reserve a memory area for the music (moreover aligned to 256 bytes, a limit that my tool does not have). Honestly, I don't think it's a big deal.

Yes, it's true that the IRQ routine is already present in the exported code, but it's more useful for those who use it in BASIC. The goal of the displayed assembly code is to show how to put the play routine inside your IRQ code (usually you just want to add the sound effects to an already existing IRQ routine). And yes, not all the addresses for the other routines were showed, but again the goal was just to show an example of use in assembly.

I didn't notice the stop button bug, I'll fix it.

As for the problem with high density screens, I've never noticed this because my screen is full-hd. I need to find a way to test it on my low definition monitor.

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It should work out of the box (not tested), because the loader doesn't check which side of the disk is inserted by looking at disk name or anything else, it just looks for the .prg file it needs and if it doesn't find it, it assumes we are on the other disk. So, if you have all the files in the same disk, it should works.



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On real C64, yes, no turbo disk. On most emulators, you can reduce loading times close to zero.



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Salve, si funziona perfettamente, appena provato.

I've a NTSC version but in some parts we've a slowdown that I consider unacceptable. It's a common problem for the NTSC (read here for a discussion about it:

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Yes, it's but I've published some fixes just now.


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Thanks to your video I realized that there are 2 bugs in the game: it's not possible to run over Frida in the corridor, as well as it's not possible to avoid the blade so easily in the final level by always crouching near the mega robot. These 2 bugs are fixed in version 1.0.2 that I've published just now. However, compliments for your ability!

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I'm pleased to announce that a new game for C64 has been released.

In this platform game our hero Joseph has to collect the money in order to buy cassette tapes with the legendary games for the C64 (in the 80s, in Italy, you could buy these cassettes at newsstand), but many enemies will try to stop him!


Enjoy it!

2017 and AFAIK should works with Win7.

Did you install SP1 in Windows 7? Try installing all OS updates, I don't see any other reason why it shouldn't work with it.

It should work (I can't test it). Remember to run VC_redist.x86.exe to install any missing dependencies.


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Ok, I've added this functionality and also a tool to generate random sound effects.

Good idea, I'll update the editor.


Hi, I have updated the .prg to support SuperCPU. Sorry, it doesn't works on 128 in native mode.

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Hi, thanks. Unfortunately it's a limit of the VIC-II: in the MCM you can only customize the foreground color per screen location, the other colors (background, Multi1 and Multi2) are the same for the whole set.

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Thanks for playing Planet Balls. It took some effort both in implementation and in the level design and your appreciation pushes indie developers like me to do more video games. The later levels are challenging and sometimes it's necessary to make the balls cooperate with each other.
However, this game didn't have a big spread, I think mainly because it was not distributed through some game publisher, but I prefer to remain a 100% indie developer... ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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Hi, thanks for your appreciation. Well... apparently that is not the right direction for our creatures... if I were you (and if you have already opened the gates), I would try to go to the right, without being too much afraid of getting stung during the ascent. . . . . . . . . . . . .

Very good remake, compliments!

Congratulations on reaching level 16, it's not easy. The number of levels is 22, so you are close to the end... but not too much :)

Thanks, it's my first C64 game.

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Hi, thanks for the nice comments.

@Saberman: nice video. A hint: sometimes it's useful to stop and group the balls by creating a "pit" like this:

A puzzle/arcade game for the immortal C64Planet Balls was inhabited by peaceful balls that lived under the guidance of their King. But one bad day the evil Dark Cube made them all prisoners! Save King Ball and his subjects and restore peace on the planet!