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Already done, nice work...


in order to honor your effort in creating such magazine, I will buy it on my own... Thank you. This is in the first issue right?


No animals are harmed for this video game

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This is fixed in V1.0.5... 

Hello , for the Disk Version I used the Krill Fastloader. It should be compatible with all existing floppy drives. Normally if you disable fastloader it should work. The only adhoc solution if you can think of is to use the cartridge emulation (from the docs I see that it should have) . It is an older cartridge ( MagicDesk) version Fizz V1.0.1_CRT with missing entry levels … please let me know if this works and I could upgrade the CRT version

Thank you for reviewing my game!

Thank you for reviewing my game!

From The Zzap magazine, for the C64 version

From The Zzap magazine

It's a puzzle game...

Wow, thank you for the long play... glad to hear that you enjoyed it

would you like to make the Port? Best if you John the TRSE Turbo Rascal Group in Facebook. I would give you the details

The solution to the last level is in the trailer :)

thanks for reviewing my Game… funny to hear someone commending to Levels… 

The solution is in the trailer video :-)

Nope, this is part of the game design. If you stuck just press "del" and try again

Thank you for reviewing my game. Please note to look also to the later levels, the first 6-7 are tutorial. There is also a Two-Player Coop (Can also be played as single player) Regards

I will Post it in the FB Group, could interesting for others too

so my Game is out:

Thank you for reviewing my Game. 

Please excuse my assembly skills, lda $0 is differnet than lda #$0... I embedded the sounds effects already in my game written in TRSE (Turbo Rascal) and now it works well. My game will be released soon and I would like to mention your tool in the credits if you don'nt mind. The game will be released as "FIZZ", I think also in

I tried to call sound effects from assembler but no luck, it keeps silent.

* My game has disabled the kernal und the zeropages FD-FF is not used

* I exported the sound prg file to $e000

* In my program I set the volume to 15

* I called once: 

  lda $0   // effect

  ldy $0  // channel

  jsr $0e4a

* I used my own raster routine and called jsr $e2a9

Any idea?