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Is there a way to limit FPS from the settings.conf file? Having 3000+ FPS means the game is sped up real bad, making it unplayable. I don't know if the issue is particularly in the game code itself or if 144hz monitor is doing this.

Wow - I thought I locked it at 60fps. What operating system are you running?

Win 10 Home 64bit

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Lordy, that is bizzare. My partner has a Win 10 Pro 64 bit machine, and I have had no problems with the frame rate. I can't think why the monitor would do it.  Hmm there is sometimes a video driver setting that says "Let the application control the frame rate" which you can turn off, have you disabled that by any chance?  Can you take a video of this behaviour with your mobile phone and then upload to YouTube as unlisted and send me the URL so I can see this in action? Also what's your video card and CPU?

Righto, the problem might be with the refresh rate of the monitor itself. I tested out with setting down the monitor Hz values, messing around with Nvidia Control Panel settings and here's what I found out:
- G-sync on, V-sync off, Letting the application control the frame rate = 2000-3000+ FPS
- G-sync off, V-sync off, Letting the application control the frame rate = 2000-3000+ FPS
- G-sync off, V-sync on, Letting the application control the frame rate = ~144FPS
- G-sync off, V-sync on, Letting the application control the frame rate, changed monitor Hz down to 60 = ~60FPS

Video card = GTX 1070Ti, CPU = i7-6700k
I'll DM the video to you.


Crap - sorry I missed this.  I can't see a DM feature for, can you send it to  I was just reading up on this, and it seems it might behave better in Godot 3.0, but I made this in Godot 2.1 If you have the time, it would be interesting to see if your high refresh rate monitor has trouble with other Godot games, like this one or this one (that last one has some weird controls - left & right to move, space to jump, and F to attack...)