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Looking forward to these! I really like your style for them, where you can actually make out the face.

I got the feeling these were player magic attacks, like in Golden Axe, which is why they're all quick and instant.

What's your licence for these purchased assets? Can I use them in my commercial game?

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Dammit, I did the same as the other guy. I bought the Forest pack twice. It's that "Other asset packs" section with it's Buy Now button, it's misleading. Can I have a copy of "treasure cave" somehow? I saw the other guy offered an email. Mine's [edited out]

That's awesome. My next door neighbour / school friend had it, and we took turns playing it a lot. He got so good at it, he could get to the last level, but then die on those damn spikes...

Thanks for releasing this game! I love the cartoony character pixel art style, it's very slick and consistent, and the design of the main character is cool - that hairstyle, man.

The way you get a jump boost off the "coins" is cute, never seen that before and I quite like it.  Once they're gone, they're gone, so you are encouraged to make the most use of them and think ahead.  Please keep this.

Main things I would want to address first are the level design and the camera. First thing that stuck out is the camera following you up & down exactly  whenever you jump, it's jarring and makes it hard to avoid enemies. Usually you don't scroll vertically until the player lands at a new height from where they jumped. See how other games handle this.

Following on from that, the vertical design of the levels makes for constant leaps of faith - once you get high up, you have no idea what you're going to land on when you fall.  Maybe once in a while this is ok, for super secret areas up above, but I think that happens so often in this game because of the jump boost pickups. Try to make it so you can always see a lower platform below you from the one you're standing on.

Also am I supposed to be picking up as many gold pickups as possible? The sheer number of them make this feel like a chore and I ended up forgoing them and just aiming for progression, only using the pickups to boost my jump.

The screenshots seem to suggest a lot of gameplay is up ahead! But the instant death and returning to the start of the level, coupled with the leaps of faith and super fast jumpy scrolly movement, meant that I felt like this was going to boil down to a lot of level layout memorisation which was going to get tedious! So I never made it past the first level.

Hope the feedback helps, with some level tweaking and camera tweaking, it would be interesting to see how it plays next.

Man this game doesn't F around!  As soon as you have the grapple ability, the levels are instantly hard XD

Some feedback: I got quite a long way without learning you could jump just after grappling. I kind of cheaped my way out of the pit after getting the grapple. It didn't feel right but I didn't know what else to do.

The way I actually found out was when I got sick of using the keyboard and re-loaded the browser so it would detect my gamepad, and then accidentally triggered it; at first I thought he/she was climbing up off the corner of a ledge.  After a few times I worked out what was going on.

Maybe it needs a screen right at the start where there's no walls or anything to jump off, just a platform that's too far to make in a jump, but you need to grapple off the side of it, then jump.

I love what you're doing here :) I wish I had more time to make music with this, I love Adlib FM music!

Man that could have been answered by actually reading the page and seeing that it's for a completely different sound chip... A better question would have been how does it compare to Deflemask...

I said "Woah" out aloud, when I first saw Santa swing a candy cane like a sledge hammer and smash things. Was not expecting that.

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This parallax thing is going to be super useful to sync up set pieces in the background, like a castle in the background, scrolling into view slowly and being in the right place at a particular point in the level. Thank you!!

I like that the musical scale is randomly generated :)

Ahhh. I get you. That's thinking outside the box :D

Yep, plays just like Rick Dangerous :) Dying, over and over...

Is it possible to get the 2nd disk where the only path down to it appears to be blocked by the 3 swords trap?

I have a question - why on Linux does this game have trouble maximising to full screen on multi-monitor setup (it spanned 2 monitors in a really wierd unusable way) but White Hearts, which I assume was released earlier, but instantly maximises to my primary monitor with no issue?  Was a different version of Godot used?

I love this, I've only got the first crystal so far, but boy does it seem like there's a lot of content in this metroidvania. I think it's frigging hilarious how it's stylised as a quaint little jaunt through the English woods, while little Red Riding Hood learns her bullet-time dash attack and grows wolf powers so she can cling to walls XD

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Finished the game, this game is so fricken slick, I love it! And I think it's hilarious how you can still fire your gun out of frustration after you die XD

Ah thank you, I will!!

Hey man, great to see someone else that wants to keep Jump 'n Bump alive!  Thanks for the link back to my version!  Heheh, I see you put the flies in, which I left out ;)

Making a local multiplayer game is tough huh! Having to support different combinations of keyboard, gamepads... one hurdle I haven't overcome in Unity is supporting more than 4 Xbox gamepads... for some reason Unity doesn't want to do it! I keep getting complaints about this for my Steam game HopSquash... :(

Even more impressive... totally understand if you don't want to share trade secrets, just genuinely curious!

I love the sheer amount of animation - how did you cram in those full screen animations? And the exploding smoke effect when the boss comes out of the ground... so many tiny pixels, I doubt it would compress easily...

Ah thanks for the follow, did you like the Alex Kidd demake? And you've de-maked my favourite game on the NES! Damn that's awesome :) I feel like no one else likes this game, hahah... Wow this is a 1 to 1 re-creation, the responsive attacks, the way the enemies behave... amazing work man.

There's a bug after the first game over screen, if you continue playing - you only get one life next time. The counter says --2 but as soon as you die it's game over, no extra lives.

I love this idea, it's genius :) Have particles wake up neighboring particles when there's activity.  And the side effect that everything settles not only makes sense, but that's a requirement for game physics for things to have a movement threshold where they stop and are not processed until the next interaction occours, and LiquidFun didn't have this and you've added it.

Ah that's cool :) Looking forward to your next game!

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Just remember, with great power comes great responsibility!  You have to release your resources manually or you'll get memory leaks! So without GameObjects, you do things like "mymesh = new Mesh()" and then when your ship is destroyed, you need to call "Mesh.Destroy(mymesh)"  Fortunately Unity has an AWESOME built in profiler to catch this very sort of problem!

And no problem - consider my time spent writing as my "donation" to see Tiny X-Wing continue to be developed further... ;)

P.S. There's no need to be a "low level purist" either - you can do as much low or high level to get your game done in the best way possible.

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Before I explain, I just want to say - I'm just sharing how awesome Unity is, you've chosen a good engine for this project.

So, the tutorials and manual are all written for easiest path, because this is where someone new to Unity will start.  It's true - Unity team has put a lot of work into the GameObject side of things to make it easy to use. 

But when you have a lot of experience with different engines, you start to ask questions like "How do I just draw to the screen myself?" and you look for the lowest level functionality to do that.  There are multiple reasons to sidestep the high level "easy to use" stuff - performance being one, and avoiding the problems or limitations that come with such high level systems.

So you begin browsing the API for the answers, instead of starting with the manual.  Simple engine will not give you these answers. But I can tell you, Unity's API for generating your own meshes and textures straight from code is the best of any engine I've ever used.  

I see multiple cranky posts on the Unity forums about problems with the high level part of the new InputSystem (because it's new), which I have completely sidestepped and got on with the rest of my game by taking the more lower level route (because I don't need the high level stuff) - and still get the benefit of the unified gamepad system, where, say, "left thumbstick" will always be "left thumbstick" no matter what controller the user is using  on any system - Playstation 3/4, Wii, Nintendo Switch, random USB controllers on desktop, etc. etc. and I can track individual gamepads which the old InputSystem doesn't do.

The amazing thing about Unity is it's the most incredible balance between ease of use and power, for both new developers and old developers.  For contrast, try getting into mesh generation in UE4, yeah you can do it, but it's not nearly as fun, and even UE4 devs say the back end API is not sensible at all!

So to answer your question "Why use Unity if you're skipping GameObjects?" - because Unity provides so much more over other engines than just GameObjects. I'm porting my game over from Godot and re-creating it in Unity purely to get Unity's multi-platform support, because I want to release on the consoles (Nintendo Switch, Playstation, Xbox).  Unity has the best multiplatform support of any engine out there.  It's pretty much one-click, so long as you also check the download box for the relevant platform in Unity hub.  This is something you can easily do for your Star Wars game - you can upload a build for Linux and Mac!

I wouldn't say it's contrary to the way Unity works - Unity provides some nice stuff to get things done quickly, but also allows you to forgo it all and do things more directly. There's no issue at all with dropping a dummy object in the scene, assigning it a script called "Main.cs" and just take over from there. No problem with using C# System library to read and write files, and no problem drawing things without GameObjects by using Graphics.DrawMesh. It's how I build my 2D games (eg. HopSquash! on Steam)

So glad you're doing this though, it's always been a dream of mine to make a low poly Star Wars game, but it would have to be for free and I have never been able to justify the time.  Looking forward to trying it out.

I really admire what you're doing here :) I feel the characters move too fast (and possibly are too big) for the 64x64 resolution. I spent most of my time hiding in the bottom corner of the screen, there is so little time to react and move around the bullets.

It looks amazing :) But LCD games weren't pixellated like that.  Have to say though, I love the presentation, the shadowing particularly makes it look like an actual LCD game.

It's great to keep the classics alive :)

It is certainly awesome, if beginners can do networking, it's both powerful and easy to use!

I love this - but could you please make the jet pack activated by pressing jump again while in the air, it's a convention.  I wanted to keep playing  Otherwise this is super original and appealing, and thank you for making PixelBox!

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Hey, good to see another Pico 8 release :) I found myself writing down nearly every name before I realised this almost consistently generates legit sounding names! And decent inspiration for game ideas! I got to 20 before I had a nonsensical one. Here's some of my favourites and what they would be:

Shadow Terror Crossing: A horror themed Crossy Roads/Frogger.

Warlock Faction Frontiers: A fantasy themed strategy game where a colony of magic users make a settlement in an undiscovered land.

Treehouse of Terror: a retro point and click done in the style of Maniac Mansion.

The Prehistoric Shock Run: Already been made! (Ok, being re-made, looks like they took down the original in favour of a crowdfunding campaign for version 2)

Screaming Detectives:  I laughed out loud. This could go so many ways. I like to think they solve mysteries, but as soon as they see the crime scene, they scream out loud. Wait, I think I just described Scooby and Shaggy...

Sure :) let me know how you go with networking in Unity, haven't looked into it much yet.

Hahah, good work man! Nice use of Unity's physics engine so you can kick the guts around afterwards XD looks like it's you against an AI bunny? Or have you got remote multiplayer working?

Hey man, what happened to that bouncy source page?  Any update on this?  I found this curious page, is this progress??

Thanks, heheh :) Yeah programming for Pico 8 is giving me an appreciation and nostalgia for 8 bit computing that I never had. (Personally I started out in QBasic in MS-DOS!  Making text based adventure games at first, like you, and then crummy graphical ones)

I was showing my partner page 63 of "Masters of Doom" where you deliver your pitch for Commander Keen's back story to the rest of the team, then showed her this thread, and she giggled when she saw your user name. I said "Yes... THAT Tom Hall!"

I'd love to know what in particular caused you to follow my Itch profile, was it my Alex Kidd Pico 8 de-make?  What did you think?

Wow, thanks for the follow Mr. Tom Hall! Looks like we have a shared interest in DOS games, Pico 8 games, and re-making your own old games!

Am I right in concluding the reason it's so hard to get to level 36 is because the random placement makes everything unwinnable?? I got to 28 :)

Crap - sorry I missed this.  I can't see a DM feature for, can you send it to  I was just reading up on this, and it seems it might behave better in Godot 3.0, but I made this in Godot 2.1 If you have the time, it would be interesting to see if your high refresh rate monitor has trouble with other Godot games, like this one or this one (that last one has some weird controls - left & right to move, space to jump, and F to attack...)

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Lordy, that is bizzare. My partner has a Win 10 Pro 64 bit machine, and I have had no problems with the frame rate. I can't think why the monitor would do it.  Hmm there is sometimes a video driver setting that says "Let the application control the frame rate" which you can turn off, have you disabled that by any chance?  Can you take a video of this behaviour with your mobile phone and then upload to YouTube as unlisted and send me the URL so I can see this in action? Also what's your video card and CPU?