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No pictures?

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This is really cool, I actually had no idea they continued the vector stuff for that long, and adopted pattern fills... I see they have a YouTube playlist of a tonne of those, thanks :)

Oh for real? Wow, I just thought it was the first ones that used vectors, with the flat colours.  Where did you find that out? I saw a Sierra documentary, they went into detail on how they built the first games.

Oh yes I read about the original Kings Quest games, they did store the art as vectors, because they had to, it was the only way to fit it in RAM on the Apple computer.  But Monkey Island etc. the ones your game looks like, they stored them as proper bitmaps.

Yes I completely skipped over mentioning the music :)  Just plain note data...

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Unity adds a lot of overhead. Looking at the graphics, this game probably would've come out to a handful of disks at the most, if it was actually made in the 90's.  They would've used C, wrote their own engine specifically for the target platform, and the graphics would've been stored as paletted indexed formats instead of RGB (so, for a 16 colour game, 1/2 a byte per pixel, instead of 3 bytes per pixel).

I say a handful of disks, because games like Monkey Island came on a couple of disks, but this game has much larger sprites than those games did on average!

This is so dark and enchanting, I love it.

Look it's one thing to not understand the technical achievement this is, but to arrogantly call it "lame"... I can safely assume you have not achieved anything remotely as impressive in your life.

I don't think pixel art is dependant on any particular operating system.

That's a win in my opinion :)

Loving the variety of assets coming out :)

Nice, it's a bit dark and moody but still colourful enough to be a happy platformer. Bright but enchanting.

I loved this, I got to the end, that was awesome :) Regarding LCD game authenticity, I appreciate breaking the limit of having fixed areas for each images, that was always super akward and limiting about those games, but why does it have pixels?? :) LCD games didn't need to use pixels, they were made of smooth round shapes.

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I love how much content you're producing, and I was thinking about how at times I really wanted one of your level themes, but it wasn't the right vibe for what I needed, so I thought of something (that you may already be doing?) you could combine different terms together to keep generating new kinds of backgrounds, so "theme" and "atmosphere" for example. Theme is forest, snow, lava, countryside etc. and atmosphere is sunny/happy, gloomy, creepy, haunting, whimsical, etc. and then you can go through the combinations, eg. happy forest, haunting forest, etc. and someone is sure to find something they like!

I love this, as soon as I saw the thumbnail I knew exactly what you were going for ;)

I have purchased this, your artwork is lovely and the cost is really low, thank you. But I can't really call this pixel art - it's full sized artwork that has been scaled down, and so looks very dark and blurry as a result.  It needs to be cleaned up or drawn at the final scale from the beginning.

You're a very good artist, your full sized portraits and your background artwork has come out really well. But small detailed characters like this need to be done in pixel art style properly to look clear.

That is so cool. Thanks guys, I wasn't aware of this technique! The portraits have really good artwork as well as detail.

How are the face portraits so detailed?? I didn't know the C64 could do that resolution...

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Ah thanks man :) I saw all the comments without replies so I almost wondered if you were still checking the page!  Am buying the bundle now.

Hi, I bought this on sale and I don't seem to have the background trees or anything, just the tiles. Can I buy just the others?

If I can get a refund for my two recent purchases, then I'll just buy the bundle to make it easier.

You're being facetious - I don't care where you live or what the exchange rate is, you can't tell me this tiny amount isn't comparable. You'd easily spend more on one fast food meal.

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It's such a shame, many great survival games are now buried and hard to discover (and buy!) for potential customers.

When I click on the "Survival" tag, I get a tonne of horror games, and less than 1 actual survival game for each screen's worth of games I scroll past. I think this is because of the surge of horror themed short form games (popularised by YouTuber playthroughs such as Markiplier) and the developers would like to use the "survival" tag because you're trying to survive.  (Which is misapplied in most cases because a lot of them are basically walking simulators)

Survival, I imagine to be like, in the wilderness. Finding logs to build a fire. Hunting for food. But this category of game is buried by games that already have a "horror" or "survival-horror" tags to classify them.

I found 2 relevant posts; this and this. I was able to come up with the following URL manually with the advice there; This is a lot better, I'm still not seeing a lot of the kind of game I'm after, but at least they're no longer buried by horror games.

I just think it would help with people finding more games they want if we had a more built in solution to this. Either a more refined "categories" that include "survival" as a category, or a way to exclude tags that doesn't involve hacking the URL like this, which only allows you to exclude one tag.

So you can't pay the cost of one trip on the bus?

I think all your followers got an email notification about this :)

Nice! I found the "wiggle your wand" method was most useful, rapidly tapping the button to try and keep it in the same direction roughly, before it goes off. I got 165 high score in a few mins. Not sure what levelling up does? I got to see the skeletons that throw bones at you.

Thanks for the follow :) This game won't load on Firefox, which is weird, because I know Godot to be pretty good with web games.  It's just stuck on "Loading scripts".

Love it. I like how you used the Mickey Mouse game as inspiration but it still looks like a unique theme.

I'm glad you're introducing this atmosphere to a new generation of gamers :)

I just watched Markiplier's play through and I'm eager to buy the game and play through when it's finished.  I couldn't help but notice the similarities to Thief, being a Thief fan myself. The art style, the re-used sound effects, the ambient music that changes with location, the puzzles, hand written notes that fill the screen when you read them.  I just want to ask; have I suspected correctly? Are you inspired by Thief? :)

Thanks for the video recording :) Oh man the clouds in the haunted house level are moving way too fast on your computer, what did I do wrong... XD They're supposed to move much slower than that.

Thanks, I really appreciate that - I tried to capture some of the atmosphere that I love from my favourite retro pixel art games of the 90's.

It gives me Super Probotector vibes :)

Dude I love these, a few of your characters were a very close fit for what I wanted for my game, so I'm using them in the mockup artwork! And also in the prototype to save me time.  

Was a bit confused for a while until I poked around - maybe add a note that you need to download all 3 files and combine their contents together.  I figured I just needed the latest one - 1.3. Turns out it only has the attack anim. I thought that's all there was for the longest time until I came back here today to double check!

I will need to credit you in my tweets when I start posting GIFS of the prototype.  These are so useful.

Haha, all this time I never knew the ? blocks worked like that... and I searched and looked at 3 walkthroughs just now, and even they don't mention it!  But I'll be using this trick next time I play the original. 

It doesn't seem too difficult to implement, but I might open a can of worms; one technique I read for getting the most out of the ? blocks is to skip the ghost, by punching the ? block and making him appear, then punching 2 star blocks to make 2 bags of money appear, which causes the ghost to disappear, the way money bags do when there's more than 2 on screen at once. People might be expecting to do this as well.  Adding this behaviour would add more code memory and might not be possible without refactoring even more.  I should probably just update the page to add more specifics on the differences!

Sorry for the delay in reply, I just got through a massive house move!

This is the best kind of comment, from a true Alex Kidd fan. Thank you for pointing out the differences, those are things I missed. I like to think if this is the list of differences, then I must have come pretty close!  Sorry about the missing 1-ups, my only logic was that the ? blocks had a ring in them, unless you already had the ring, in which case it's a ghost. That's the only behaviour I noticed in the original, so that's how they all behave.  Not sure why the merman has mercy invincibility, maybe it uses the same code as Alex Kidd - it was a while ago and I had to cut a lot of corners to get all the code to fit in Pico 8's memory limitations!  Also same with the Ox boss, he re-uses some enemy behaviours because there is literally zero bytes of code left!  It can be done though, I have playthrough I recorded in a single take up on YouTube.

(I understand of course, that as the developer, I'm more used to playing it than a new player.)

But as for the Janken games, there is a trick - it's time based. If you watch closely to the changes they make, you have like half a second to react and change your option to beat theirs before the time is actually up.  I figured this was more of a challenge than them all having the same pattern every time, though maybe I should be more up front about this change in the instructions. It does get a mention though.

I'm glad you're willing to keep trying :)