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Thank you for the kind words! And yes, the original needed more levels! In fact I'm putting a tonne of work into what I'm calling "Super Jump 'n Bump" so to keep me going it's going to be a paid game, $7 Australian - but it has a built in level editor with 100% controller support, so you never have to put the controller down (eg. you can use this on a Steam box, etc.) and a decent number of levels with different graphical tilesets that you can use to get started (I'm currently aiming for about 4 or more tilesets, and 3 levels for each of those - with hopefuly more to come if there's interest - eg. Christmas level, Halloween level, etc.).  And it has rounds like a real game, so rather than play forever until you quit, it has (by default) 25 kills per level, and 5 randomly selected levels, then the game ends and shows you the scoreboard.  But you can change those values in the settings.  Plus there are 4 selectable characters, and 8 selectable colours, so you can differentiate yourselves more easily, improved score screen / ranking, new tile types (death tiles, wind tiles, one-way platforms, etc.) and fingers crossed - but I hope to get in Steam Workshop support so everyone can share their crazy levels...

That's a great idea! Well I have to focus on the new paid version for now, as I'm running out of money... but it looks like it would be possible;

And you can also be the first to test out the new forums on my website!  Could you head over to, find the forum, and make a new thread there?

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Ok you can be the first to test if my magic script did its job properly! I fixed the bug and all the builds were updated with the script.  Try it out and let me know!

Also this interface is horrible for long conversations - next order of business is getting the forums up,  so I'll let you know and you can post there from now on.

Once again, possible, but not free :) Definitely something I'd look at for the paid version, because I can appreciate the benefits.  It's not the technical considerations, it's the design considerations. I made this game to support 4:3 screens, it doesn't seem right to re-release it and not have it played in its original style - I have an arcade cabinet that uses a real CRT and want to keep playing it on that (and I was contacted by someone else doing the same thing!) so adding support for widescreen levels would mean handling what happens when it's on a CRT - probably labelling them as "widescreen" in the level select interface, and either popping up a warning and just cropping out the extra space (and letting the players get lost off screen), maybe instead zooming out (but that would be hard to see on a CRT), or just locking those levels altogether... you can see how this affects development from a design perspective!  Open to ideas though.

Argh you're right.  I found the problem - Godot is including my custom folder in the package, so the game is using the files it's finding internally in its data.pck rather than the ones from the actual external "custom" folder.  I found the export settings to correct this and fixed the problem, but I spent most of the day creating an export script that will one-click export all platforms and external files and then push to, so no human error can be introduced :)

Ok the "nogore" option is available! Check out the 1README.TXT for everything you need to know.

Ok the "nogore" option is available! Check out the 1README.TXT for everything you need to know.  You'll have to change your keyboard setting too, because I changed the way it's written.

Hahah, glad you like your new title.

Well that would save part of the work, but still there has to be some data level conversion since the "mask.pcx" file is a black & white image which is literally used as a mask at the pixel level in their rendering engine, while mine is actually just a full colour image that is laid over the top of everything.  So like I described earlier, when converting an old level, the mask.pcx has to be used to copy the graphics from the actual level background and paste them into a new file.

And as for the sprites, I would still need to interpret the gob data to know how to interpret the sprites.pcx files to find the images and their hotspots.

Those points are really where the bulk of the work is...

I now crown you "Master Of Digging Out Old Stuff From The Void"!  MODOOSFTV for short.  Pronounced "Mo-doo-sif-tiv".  Hahah.  It's like every time I think it's a dead end, you find something :D

I can't write this off completely now.  This has to be on the list to support at some point.  I've saved what you just posted.  I'd like to think I'll do this someday, I just can't say when.  But it would be really cool to achieve this, now that I have the specs!

Yeah it's easier to make your own levels than load the old ones at the moment, and that's by design. Loading of the original levels is not out of the question but would require a tonne of work, re-interpreting the binary format of those files.  In fact I don't even think the binary format of the GOB files is documented anywhere, so it might not even be feasible...

To convert old levels you can work it out from the existing files - the foreground is no longer a simple black & white mask and is an entirely separate PNG image that's just laid over the top.  So you can open the old mask, "select colour" and select all the white, then use that selection mask to copy from the original background and paste it into a new file.

Godot can't play MOD files! Believe me I tried a lot of approaches, but in the end I'd have to build MOD support into Godot myself. Which of course is another huge unjustifiable endeavor. It broke my heart to convert them to OGG files but that's what's it's playing right now. If I make a new version in another system it'll be MOD files all the way.  Still Godot makes it far more feasible to make 2D retro games in a more timely manner and I highly recommend it.

Yep I can make the other things customizable (OGG files for music, WAV for sound, horizontal 16x16 PNG strips for sprites) but I was going to gauge interest before putting the extra work in.  It's not complex but it's not free in terms of how much time it would take to make it load externally and get it all re-tested.

All that would definitely be in a version 2 "paid update" but yeah I was going to see how this goes.  

Yep you should definitely be able to make a batch file solution for that.

You can of course still mod your own levels in without a level loader, just like the original (but easier), just replace the files in the "custom" folder.

Although I will leave you with a glimmer of hope - I have a set of "de-make" games planned that will be written in SDL (and a rendering engine called "Tilengine") and a de-make of Jump 'n Bump - already itself a simple game, would be really cute.  Well, the code is already there in my existing Godot version, most of the changes would be syntactic... maybe the de-make could be the basis of a new version that supports multiple xbox controllers?  We will see where things go!

In other news - the nogore option is finished, I made glitter and streamers come out of them :) it was fun.  I'll be uploading that on Friday.

Also - your donation makes up of 50% of my total donations.  2 people donated $5 and you donated $10.  Yes... interest has been high but donations have been low - but I'm not surprised with it being donation based.   So as far as I'm concerned, you're my platinum donator :)  I'll reply here to personally let you know when the forum is up and the update is out.  Make sure to register at the forum when I do, so I can keep better track of these discussions!

Ok, thank you for filling me in on the details of this issue.  Yes myself and another user didn't run into the limit because we are both in the same situation of having 4 XBox360 controllers, and then some generic USB gamepads that were kicking around to make up the other 4 controllers.

It seems like this will affect only a percentage of a percentage of users, so I'm not sure how highly I can rate this, especially since it would likely require me cracking open Godot and re-doing how they handle input, OR re-writing it from scratch in SDL etc . and handling the input myself... neither of those options are trivial and would be entire projects in their own right! (The funding just isn't there at the moment!)  That's just my current assessment though, and I'll be keeping it in mind and looking out for other complaints. The forum will be up soon where people can post about any issues, and who knows, if the paid version with extra features take off, it could warrant further development in the XInput handling area!

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Good news - I just tried it with 8 connected controllers, both on Windows and Linux, and it worked fine :) Did you use Wireless controllers? Or is it a problem with specifically more than 4 Xbox controllers?  I have 4 Xbox controllers connected via a wireless dongle, and 4 USB controllers.

Hahah... I should have looked harder - I think I was really bummed that I missed out on a website that was up for 20 YEARS STRAIGHT and I got a handful of levels from it in a hurry, (all the while, telling myself I should just get them all while I can, and not put it off) and then when I came back ONE WEEK later to fulfill my duty - the site is gone...

I actually believe my downloading caused a bandwidth spike on some account and someone realised they didn't want to pay for the webspace anymore and took it down!

Thanks man! It does look like they're all there :)  That's a good find! I was dismayed when the web archive of the original site didn't have the zips.

Thanks, I got it :) I hope they contain all the ones from the website too...

Thank you for your extra donation! I really appreciate it... if we could share it around more that will help maybe other people want to do the same and fund more development time.

Well as long as there's 8 tiles of space free somewhere, the new game will find a place to spawn rabbits :)  So it should be ok.  If there is a problem with this on a particular level, it would be super rare...



Nooo! I want to find out what happened to Sophie.  Even if it clearly isn't going to be good.  She is obviously trying to show us something.

Would the rest of the game end in us providing her spirit with some closure? (Or will it have a more sinister ending?)  I hope the developer finishes the game one day and charges for it.

Ok so many of you have asked for this I'm going to have to do it!  Follow one of my social networks or subscribe to my site for an announcement of when I update the game to have the "nogore" option in the setting file - they will burst into confetti!

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Thank you! Well my donate button means Itch doesn't get a cut, which is better for me, but it's only 10%, so I'll let you decide!

Hmm ok - I set up controls for more than 4 game pads but I should have tried to test it.  Hmmmmm after reading that thread I don't like my chances! I used Godot so it's up to however they handle input. 

I haven't looked into it thoroughly, but off the top of my head I have a couple options:

  • Get into the workings of Godot (it's open source) but that might cause differences between behaviour on the other platforms, which could be a nightmare...
  • Or save it for a potential re-write in SDL where I have more control... but I have to do a lot of extra work at the joystick level...

It will definitely require more time... I'll keep you updated...

Oh and to answer your question about the spawn points; I automatically generate them.  Anywhere there is a free space with solid ground below it, is a potential spawn point.  But this may not work with levels that have a gap where there is no escape from... I'm open to addressing this though.  Looking forward to those levels!

Yep this game supports as many controllers as you have - up to 8! So plug them all in, it'll work :) One bunny per controller! I wanted to make that clearer in the video but it was getting too complicated to communicate it, people might think you need 8 controllers for 8 players, and you don't!

You can easily mod this to swap out the levels, check out the "custom" folder!  And can you get in touch with me about those extra levels? (Please use the contact form on my website, Ironically the original BrainChild site went down permanently last month, just before I collected all the custom levels from it!  Very sad...

If there's enough interest, I have plans to add a level select, selectable animals and colours - and good point about the kid friendly version! I will have to make that an option too...

It all comes down to how many donations I get!

I just released a new game! It's free too!  It's Jump 'n Bump; you are a fluffy bunny and you jump on your friends...

It's a re-make of an old 4 player DOS game, but now it works on modern computers, and is multi-platform (Windows, Linux, and MacOS) and I've added some more features to bring it into the new age.

This remake is a 2 to 8 player (yes EIGHT) competitive local multiplayer platform game where you can jump on your friends to get the highest score!  Works with any combination of keyboard, mouse, gamepads, including a split gamepad mode where 2 people can be on 1 gamepad, to make sure you can include as many of your friends as possible!

So with only 2 gamepads, you can already have 7 players at once!

This was adorable :) 

Thanks!  I wonder if anyone will complete it... heheh.

Cool - yeah just to be clear, I didn't have a problem with the fact there was an army base, I was just in a "lost on a deserted island" sort of expectation, and then when I saw the buildings I had a small "Oh, civilisation - I'm saved, game's over!" moment, hahah.    The jets look pretty bad-ass by the way.

ReTech community · Created a new topic Thoughts so far
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Hey, first things first, you need to make it way way easier to leave feedback!  If you expect people to create a new account just with your site just to leave a bit of quick feedback, you may as well be asking them to get a coke from the moon for you - it's just not going to happen! :)  Also I would've set this page to just be a comments only page - no need for it to be a full fledged forum, again, just more steps in the way of leaving feedback.

Well, I had fun, and a few funny surprises.  I like the way it's going so far, even though I didn't play for very long.  I see you're going for more of a Day Z type feel, with post apocolyptic deserted houses etc.  Before I realised that, it was really strange experince, to go from being stranded in the middle of nowhere, walking over the landscape - and then stumbling into a random army base, with jets ready to go!

I was hesitant about the sentry turrent, and dared to walk around it - my heart jumped when it suddenly turned to face me! I was too close though.  I wanted it to face some other way (so I could walk in that direction), so I got its attention, this time it got off a few shots, but it missed. I got some wood from the hangar. Jets didn't seem to do anything.

I stumbled on an abandoned house and got a medkit and soda can - things seemed to be looking up!  Then I tried to crouch through a hole in the wall and instantly died!  Seems like you have collision issues.

Also pressing ESC to bring up the menu didn't pause the game, and I really think it should. I came back to the game later and the sun had set.

I liked how it looks like the Australian outback when you're in the more deserty areas :)

Guys, those 64x64 "LOWREZ" challenges have been inspiring me over the past few years they've been on, I love them.  I've never entered one but it did seem like a cool way to try and cram a full platform game into Pico-8, to overcome the map size limitation.

Well it took me many months, but I finally re-created "Alex Kidd in Miracle World" inside of Pico-8.  The game's page covers what made it in (all the cool parts) and what was cut (minor things like the puzzle room at the end).

It's totally free and I'd love for any fans of Alex Kidd to tell me what they think.  Or anyone else for that matter :)

I'm impressed with how much puzzlness you got out of such simple AI :)

Wang tiles :)  I guess you'll have to also add Vag tiles at some point, to maintain gender equality.  Seriously though, I wasn't aware of this concept, and after reading all about it, I think it's very cool, and awesome that Tiled supports it.  This is seriously the best tile editor ever.

Hey I've had my eye on this for a while. Any chance it'll be finished soon or should I just go ahead and play it?