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The game looks awesome from the trailer and screenshots, but when I try to play the game I just get a pink screen with some low ambient noise in the background. I'm using laptop with an integrated Intel GPU and running the latest version of Ubuntu 18.04.

Very sorry to hear... if you have issues with Ubuntu, please report here:

Same problem, same system specs.  :(

Totally wanted to give this one a try, too...

I tested today with a Dell laptop from around 2011, sporting an Ivy Bridge i7 with Intel HD Graphics 3000. The demo ran perfectly. Same thing on a Haswell i7 desktop system with its integrated HD 4600 GPU. On the Haswell I even tried with an Ubuntu system straight from the live install image to make sure, and the demo ran just fine.

If your hardware is very old and doesn't support OpenGL 4.5, you might want to try navigating to the game installation directory in a terminal and running "./ENCODYA_DemoV1.x86_64 -force-glcore42" (without the double quotes of course). Or if you've got very recent hardware, try the same with "-force-vulkan", because why not. :)