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Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback. I try to reply point by point...

  1. Keyboard control scheme: it's already fixed, will update soon the build. Nevertheless, I highly recommend to play with a gamepad.
  2. Upgrade boxes: fair point, I can lower their "health".
  3. Time-Limit + collect-a-thon + procedurally generated levels, this is somehow what makes it unique, so I'd prefer to keep those choices. Also, consider that some upgrades in the shops allow you to walk/run with the map, and that should make exploration easier, however, I might consider adding a minute to the timer to ease player's job (this by the way is also an upgrade that you can buy).
  4. Grenade Upgrade not working: this might be a bug... also, it can be a visual bug (i.e. it's written "3", but you actually have 5 grenades). Can you double check?
  5. Restart level 1-5 after boss kills you: this also I'd prefer to keep, for some reasons... First of all, since the level is cleared out, it should be rather fast to reach the boss location (also at that point you should have the whole map). Second, it could be a strategy to leave the weapon crates for the boss fight, therefore having the possibility to collect weapons before a boss fight might be useful. Third, for coding-reasons, it's better if the level is restarted, boss reset, etc. rather than respawning right away at the boss's lair.
  6. Corner jump bug: yes, I know about this, it's due to "gaps" between "characters grid" and "platforms grid". To optimize frame rate and overall speed, I'm keeping those gaps rather big, so sometime you can have that effect, which, however, is not a big deal (might actually be a feature!) but I prefer to keep that annoyance than slowing down FPS.

If you want to help the development, by testing the game (for instance verifying the grenade issue of point nr4), or give us some other hints, you can join our Discord server: 

I'm not sure I understand. Gamepad is always supported, but it's also always possible to play with keyboard.

Thanks a lot for your feedback, truly appreciated! I actually agree with your points, I know there are areas of improvement, especially on weapons. Regarding point 2, it's a very good hint and rather easy to make (I think I'd go with a fast flashing of the player marker, since its colour is character-based: Chris is red, Arnold is green, Lizzy is blue... this also to understand better on multiplayer). So expect the flashing marker for the next update!

On a side note: as mentioned elsewhere, we'll launch soon a Kickstarter and we hope to reach at least 200 followers before launch, so please spread Schizollama out there to your friends and followers, and if you haven't done it yet, click the "Notify me on launch" on the KS page. Thanks a lot!

Ok, understood. Good point. I'll change them soon with a patch.

As for testing or following other steps of the development, the best way is maybe on our Discord channel. I'll also update the status here on via dev logs.

I know it's risky, but in 2023 there'll be someone offended by something no matter what... Nevertheless, in this case the term "schizo" is more in the slang for crazy, lunatic... The prefix "schizo" in other languages (I'm Italian and in Italy we do), is also used for someone acting in a frenetic and very "nervous" way, which fits the fast-pace of the game. Furthermore, per extension, the origin of the prefix "skizo" (Greek/Latin) is also for terms like "to split" or "to tear apart", which also fits considering the funny splatter elements of the game. This said, I'd like to point out I don't want to offend anybody with the serious disease of schizophrenia.

Thanks a lot for your detailed feedback, very appreciated and we'll consider your hints! We are launching soon a Kickstarter and we need help from everyone, so please consider to join the campaign already from now (clicking the "Notify me on launch" on the coming soon page, link to the KS is on the header of the Itch page), as well as sharing it on social media, it'll mean a lot!

Why? What do you mean? Are you playing with gamepad or keyboard? Can you elaborate more? We are looking forward to players' feedback to improve our game. So please, give us more info so we can improve the game!

Hey, at which point it crashes? Can you tell me repro steps? Maybe record a video? Also, knowing your specs can help.

Hello, I just released the demo of Schizollama, a crazy fast-paced platformer that I'm sure can entertain you all! And if it does, please remember to join its Kickstarter! I need the help of each one of you!

Your feedback is highly appreciated!

Thanks a lot


Hello, this is very, very weird! A couple of persons reported it, but then they solved right away (not sure how). Are you playing in handheld mode? Touch screen is not supported, nor is TV-mode. Also, A and B are inverted. Please let me know if it works with handheld mode, joycons attached and pressing B. Thanks!


Yes, the demo has been removed. I guess it's written on the page itself! Sorry!!! But we are releasing soon an Early Access! Also, if you are eager for Clunky Hero, we are looking for testers... write me a PM on the official Facebook page if you want to be a beta tester!

Coming soon!

Hello, unfortunately not and it's not planned in the near future.

Hello! Developer here! So... The demo was outdated. We created it for the Kickstarter campaign (Summer 2019) and there were many inside-jokes about it (like "Please donate if you like the game!" and similar). Furthermore, the full game changed lot of things, especially aesthetically (we moved from a pure 2D to a 2.5D game), but also in terms of game-design (totally different inventory and UI). So, all in all, we thought that the demo was old and having no more purpose. Regarding the release on Itch, it doesn't depend on me but on my publisher. I'll ask what he thinks about. It's not excluded that we'll release it here too.

Hello, at the moment we don't have a French localization. But we'll evaluate it if we have lot of requests from French people. Sorry!

Thank you! Truly appreciated!!

thanks! share it around!

Thanks a lot! Very appreciated! We truly cannot understand why... We think Clunky Hero is a great game!

Thanks a lot for your support! We know lot of things need to be improved... in fact this is just a first prototype. We'll improve the full game. (Regarding the controller thing, I'm not sure... it should be like that... left-right = running left/right up-down = looking up/down... maybe it's an issue on our end)

Thanks! And very glad you enjoyed the demo!!! As stated on the disclaimer at the beginning, we are well aware the demo isn't perfect and that there are many things to improve... We also know that playing with keyboard is not the best, but well, everything should work properly! And thanks for backing our campaign! Please spread it out there!

The list of the controls are visibile in the options. Playing with a keyboard is still not the best option, but it's doable!

ahaha no no... there'll be a candle... Consider the Pretty Forest in the full game will have 4 areas and the one available in the demo is the smallest one...  So he didn't lie to you, maybe the developer did... Support the Kickstarter so we can finish this awesome game!

LOL, you should check the controllers first of all! Anyway, to exit the inventory you have to press "i".

Thanks! But actually no... I never played Wind-Up Knight! Looks cool though.

Thanks a lot! You can adjust the volumes actually... but I agree that we still need to tune a lot of things in CLUNKY HERO (audio included). Anyway, please consider your support & share of the Kickstarter campaign! THANKS! It'll mean a lot!

thanks a lot! please consider a contribute on Kickstarter! THANKS!

Thanks a lot! I totally agree with you! Let's hope for more support on Kickstarter!

Thank you! Please consider your support on Kickstarter! We truly count on each one of you!

Yeah, we know, playing with keyboard is not the best. We'll release an update of the demo with different inputs (no PgUp | PgDn) while the full game will have full customizable interface!

Thanks for your feedback. As stated at the launch of the game, Enemies AI (and combats in general) is one of the things we surely need to improve! As well as other things you mention and few bugs here and there... Our aim is to make a way larger game with tons of items, weapons, enemies and so on! The best way to help this project is by supporting it on Kickstarter and spreading it out there with all your friends and followers!

Weird... are you using a controller or keyboard? Have you read the list of commands in the menu? Try again or report a way to reproduce the bug! Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much!!! Please support our Kickstarter campaign otherwise we can't finish the game! THANKS!

Sure! Go ahead!

Thanks! The loading screen is something will fix for sure in the full game. As well as implementing more graphic options!

thanks! please help the Kickstarter... last hours!

Try it! And if you like it, please consider to support the Kickstarter!

Actually I never played The Feeble Files...! So I guess it's just a coincidence! Anyway, the best way to help us finish the game, is through Kickstarter! Have a look!

Thanks! We are running a Kickstarter now... last days to back! Please give it a look! (the link is at the top of the page)