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Well, they are written in the "controls" menu! But glad you liked it

It does!

thanks! share it around!

Thanks! Let's push all together!

Thanks a lot! Very appreciated! We truly cannot understand why... We think Clunky Hero is a great game!

Thanks a lot for your support! We know lot of things need to be improved... in fact this is just a first prototype. We'll improve the full game. (Regarding the controller thing, I'm not sure... it should be like that... left-right = running left/right up-down = looking up/down... maybe it's an issue on our end)

Thanks! And very glad you enjoyed the demo!!! As stated on the disclaimer at the beginning, we are well aware the demo isn't perfect and that there are many things to improve... We also know that playing with keyboard is not the best, but well, everything should work properly! And thanks for backing our campaign! Please spread it out there!

The list of the controls are visibile in the options. Playing with a keyboard is still not the best option, but it's doable!

ahaha no no... there'll be a candle... Consider the Pretty Forest in the full game will have 4 areas and the one available in the demo is the smallest one...  So he didn't lie to you, maybe the developer did... Support the Kickstarter so we can finish this awesome game!

LOL, you should check the controllers first of all! Anyway, to exit the inventory you have to press "i".

Thanks! But actually no... I never played Wind-Up Knight! Looks cool though.

Thanks a lot! You can adjust the volumes actually... but I agree that we still need to tune a lot of things in CLUNKY HERO (audio included). Anyway, please consider your support & share of the Kickstarter campaign! THANKS! It'll mean a lot!

thanks a lot! please consider a contribute on Kickstarter! THANKS!

Thanks a lot! I totally agree with you! Let's hope for more support on Kickstarter!

Thank you! Please consider your support on Kickstarter! We truly count on each one of you!

Yeah, we know, playing with keyboard is not the best. We'll release an update of the demo with different inputs (no PgUp | PgDn) while the full game will have full customizable interface!

Thanks for your feedback. As stated at the launch of the game, Enemies AI (and combats in general) is one of the things we surely need to improve! As well as other things you mention and few bugs here and there... Our aim is to make a way larger game with tons of items, weapons, enemies and so on! The best way to help this project is by supporting it on Kickstarter and spreading it out there with all your friends and followers!

Weird... are you using a controller or keyboard? Have you read the list of commands in the menu? Try again or report a way to reproduce the bug! Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much!!! Please support our Kickstarter campaign otherwise we can't finish the game! THANKS!

Sure! Go ahead!

Thanks! The loading screen is something will fix for sure in the full game. As well as implementing more graphic options!

thanks! please help the Kickstarter... last hours!

Try it! And if you like it, please consider to support the Kickstarter!

Actually I never played The Feeble Files...! So I guess it's just a coincidence! Anyway, the best way to help us finish the game, is through Kickstarter! Have a look!

Thanks! We are running a Kickstarter now... last days to back! Please give it a look! (the link is at the top of the page)

Thanks a lot! Yea, DOTT wasn't on a 5 1/4 disk, but that's not an original copy... ehehe (the label is hand-written). But yes, Monkey Island is my favorite game ever, so it's easy to find its influence, even though characters and setting are totally different! P.S. we are running a Kickstarter right now, last days... if you like the game please consider a contribute!

Thanks a lot! Please back our campaign if you haven't done it yet! And ask all your friends to do the same!

Thank youuuuuuuuu!

Thanks! Please follow us! We'll launch soon a Kickstarter ;)

Thanks a lot! Very flattering!

Very sorry to hear... if you have issues with Ubuntu, please report here:

Thanks! Leave us a rating if you enjoyed!

Thanks a lot for your opinion!
Regarding the NPC response time, it depends on the cycle of animation. Since we preferred to have a smooth transition between the NPC idle action and the talk, means that before going into "talking" animation, it has to finish the "idle" one (and not cutting it abruptly). If you are lucky and you are at the end of the animation, the transition could be immediate or half a second, if you are unlucky, it could take up to 2 seconds (but never longer than 2 seconds, i.e. one animation cycle).

Regarding the story itself, we didn't want to spoil much about it... but good that you are curious to know more!

look around the crossroad... ;)

Your PC should run the game without problems.
I suggest you to uninstall and install it again, giving administrator privileges and see if something changes....

I'm very sorry but I can't reproduce this crash. Can you send a Crash Log? And your PC specs? Thanks!


Very weird, you are the first reporting this issue out of 1500+ downloads... At which point it crashes?

Yes, we went too far with breaking the four wall... we agree! Full game won't be so heavy!