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Thank youuuuuuuuu!

Thanks! Please follow us! We'll launch soon a Kickstarter ;)

Thanks a lot! Very flattering!

Very sorry to hear... if you have issues with Ubuntu, please report here:

Thanks! Leave us a rating if you enjoyed!

Thanks a lot for your opinion!
Regarding the NPC response time, it depends on the cycle of animation. Since we preferred to have a smooth transition between the NPC idle action and the talk, means that before going into "talking" animation, it has to finish the "idle" one (and not cutting it abruptly). If you are lucky and you are at the end of the animation, the transition could be immediate or half a second, if you are unlucky, it could take up to 2 seconds (but never longer than 2 seconds, i.e. one animation cycle).

Regarding the story itself, we didn't want to spoil much about it... but good that you are curious to know more!

look around the crossroad... ;)

Your PC should run the game without problems.
I suggest you to uninstall and install it again, giving administrator privileges and see if something changes....

I'm very sorry but I can't reproduce this crash. Can you send a Crash Log? And your PC specs? Thanks!


Very weird, you are the first reporting this issue out of 1500+ downloads... At which point it crashes?

Yes, we went too far with breaking the four wall... we agree! Full game won't be so heavy!

Yes, the 4 secrets are inside the demo!


Yes, it's in our "to-do list" for the next update!

There's no Kickstarter (yet) for ENCODYA. We'll maybe launch it in few weeks! Meanwhile you can contribute on PayPal!
The Kickstarter for "Robot Will Protect You" short film ended about a year ago.

Thanks a lot!!! It's an honor receiving your feedback!

Thanks a lot!!! Very happy you liked it! Spread the word out there!

Thank you! Truly appreciated!

Thanks! Very very appreciated!

Thank you! Your words mean a lot!

Out the demo of ENCODYA! A 1 hour gameplay with stunning art, 8 fully voiced NPC and much more!!!

Here is the trailer:

Please visit the page to download it!