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Bloo Alien

A member registered Feb 11, 2017

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Discovered this game after playing one of your other games, and find this one quite enjoyable too.  You've got some talent there.  I'll probably be buying it just because you deserve the support.  Also, thanks much for the Linux versions of your games.  It's much appreciated by those of us who no longer use Windows.  :)

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Huge fan of games that require some brainpower (like Valve/Steam's Portal games for one example), so I'm really loving the look of this game thus far.  Massive potential here, for sure...  Very much looking forward to seeing where you go with it from here.  Keep up the great work.  :)

(Apologies for the multiple-posts.  I've deleted the duplicates.  Wasn't updating the display when I tried to post.)

Wonderful.  Looking forward to it.  Always loved games that make you think and give the brain a little workout.  :)

Fantastic!  Challenging enough to be entertaining and a good workout for the brain, but not too challenging as to be frustrating.  Well done!  Played through on Kubuntu Linux 17.04 and enjoyed it thorougly.  I very much hope for a sequel, or expansion.

This is sweet news.  Looks like a potentially amusing game, but I've been Windows-free for over a decade with no intent of ever goin' back.  Any guess on your expected price point you plan to sell the full release version at?