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Dude you ripped off ???

I took inspiration ;) And I had to come up with an idea for the game jam. I had additional plans to add some sort of story (inspired by portal) but the time was too short. Feel free to downvote my game if you don't like it.


honestly just disappointed, no credit where credit is due

Did you just make this account to write a negative comment on my game?

Btw. there are a lot of games out there which are inspired by others or rip offs of others. I made a game and I'm proud of it ;)

I did, I was pissed a classic game was getting reskinned without any credit.

Just because others are doing it doesn't mean its a legitimate strategy. ideation is an important part of game development and you failed it. There is a large difference between referencing and plagiarism and this is plagiarism 

I have added the link. Is this ok now?


You should put a link to the original There Is Only One Level in the description. There is no shame in making a clone computer game, but there is shame in not giving credit where it's due. Do the right thing!


Ok, I will do it. You are right.


Thank you! That's great!