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So many filters. I can barely see, let alone read anything…

One day in summer 2019 I walked down a street and passed by bare yard with only a single flowering tree standing in its center. Under the tree a kitten was playing with its mother cat.

As I passed by the scene it felt like a diorama. A beautiful succinct frozen moment.

Your game feels the same way, especially that one moment on the column.

About crying - I have my own past loses and your game reminds me of those. Sometimes a bad cry is what we need, so it is also a good cry.

Made me cry.

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Godhand, Black Swordsman, and a heap of raw iron. I like the Berserk allusions. Kentarou Miura, RIP.

I have entered a sequence of levels I had just finished. Is there a way of quitting the sequence without losing progress?

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I love how in a game with an environmental message you use the most carbon intense and least efficient way of reducing sea plastic, which is mostly just plastic powder, not hunks of plastic. Fun game but too short.

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The surprise at the end got a giggle out of me. Then I looked in the description and, really, you shouldn't telegraph the ending in the game description. The the players experience the surprise for themselves. The signs of the exhibition are perfect as they are.

Also, some of the pathfinding algorithms are make my computer go up in a volcanic eruption. Probably should optimize them.

Micronomicon? More like MicRUnomicon, eh?

A bug. Gotten stuck here. No way to continue the speech bubble thing.

Thank you! Great atmosphere.

I have gotten myself stuck by climbing on this box and descending into this white box.

It is in the "---" room in "Night 1", the one you get into from the same hub where the "Operation Room", "Control Room", and Gray's room are.

In the screenshot I am looking at the entrance and a physics paper.

Oh, a mini Neverhood. Neat!

A potty mouthed Alone In The Dark. Nice!

There is nowhere to run. Rocketry could hardly get a few people onto the moon 50 years ago and the technology did not improve substantially since then. It had reached a plateau. Physics does not allow us to leave this Pale Blue Dot.

Thank you! That's great!

You should put a link to the original There Is Only One Level in the description. There is no shame in making a clone computer game, but there is shame in not giving credit where it's due. Do the right thing!